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Masterspec’s new MasterKey keynote systems combines the accuracy of Keynotes with the power and ingenuity of the Masterspec NextGen2 operating platform. Now for the first time MasterKey dynamically connects your Revit® 2015 or ArchiCAD® 18 project with your Masterspec specification document, drawing correctly numbered keynotes directly from the Masterspec system into your project ready for use.

Once in place, any changes made to your specification selections can be updated into your design project. And the update can apply wherever that keynote occurs throughout the entire drawing set.

MasterKey also allows you to source keynotes, specifications, NZ Codes and Standards and product information directly from manufacturers via the miproducts national product database – all without leaving your project workspace.

Control the Keynote content

Your Keynotes are drawn directly from your Masterspec specification or you can create your own keynotes. You can also source and import keynote libraries from your practice to be used in conjunction with NextGen2 keynotes within MasterKey.

Less manual data entry

Keynotes are pre-written and automatically generated by MasterKey based on the Selections (Part 4) of your NextGen2 worksections.  

Choose your product brands

MasterKey allows you to generate branded keynotes from Masterspec’s branded product partner sections. 

Drag and Drop

Once you've imported your specification keynotes into a project you simply drag the appropriate Keynote from the list and assign it to one or more selected objects.

Easily change product

Because MasterKey is a live and dynamic link, when you change the selection in the NextGen2 specification and save your changes, the next time you open your project and refresh the MasterKey file, the system will prompt you to accept the changed keynotes throughout the project.


Generate dynamically linked keynotes from your specification - watch the overview video now  Masterspec MasterKey Overview
Go to unlocking, linking and using MasterKey with ArchiCAD 18  

Or download the ArchiCAD documentation here

Go to installing, linking and using MasterKey with Autodesk® Revit MASTERKEY FOR REVIT LOGO Or download the Revit  documentation here  

Generate dynamically linked keynotes from your specification - watch the overview video now  Masterspec MasterKey Overview

How to access MasterKey on your system

Masterspec MasterKey service is provided on a subscription basis with a License Fee and an annual Maintenance Fee based on the size of your practice.

Select the Subscribe button to go to the MasterKey subscription page. Here you can download the contract agreement and organise payment. 

Please note to access MasterKey you must have a current practice subscription to Masterspec NextGen2* and each user must have a personal NextGen2 user profile and password. If you do not have a subscription or personal account see the links below.

If you do not have a Masterspec Subscription you must choose and purchase at least one Masterspec system to enable a MasterKey subscription.


*Masterspec Basic or above - will not work with Masterspec Minor  or on Masterspec Link

What does a MasterKey subscription Cost
 Practice Size  License Fee   Maintenance Fee
 1 - 5   $300   $135 pa
 6 - 10  $400  $180 pa
 11 - 30  $900  $405 pa
 30+  By Quotation

The License Fee is based on the total of:

• The number of practice principals, managers or owners; plus
• The number of design and documentation staff (permanent, part-time, or on contract) at the time of application and then annually, regardless of where they are located
• Note: It is the subscriber’s responsibility to inform Masterspec of any changes to staffing that might affect subscription levels. 

Please note the above fees are ex GST and additional to any Masterspec system subscriptions.


Download and fill out the MasterKey Subscription Agreement available at this link. Return by fax or email to Masterspec, after which we will contact you to arrange payment. Or, for organisations with 30+ qualifying staff, we will arrange for a quotation to be prepared.

Watch the 'MasterKey on Revit' video series now

MB. MasterKey on ArchiCAD video series coming soon



MasterKey title


Arrange a Masterspec NextGen2 subscription

NOTE. The MasterKey service is only available to Masterspec NextGen2 subscribers*

If you do not have a Masterspec practice subscription click here to arrange one.

*Masterspec Basic or above - will not work with Masterspec Minor or on Masterspec Link

Register your free Masterspec NextGen2 User identity

NOTE. You must also be working on the NextGen2 platform to use the MasterKey service. If you do not have a personal Masterspec User ID click here to register your free user account.

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