The Masterspec home page

Once logged in and associated with a practice subscription you’ll be taken to that practice’s Home Page.

Here you will see:
1. A summary of all the projects, with the project specifications that they contain - this is also viewable in a list view or an icon view by selecting the relevant buttons.


2. A Search function to find specific projects - you can search by Keyword or project number.


3. The latest news, updates and information from Masterspec.


4. The subscribing company’s logo and a list of specification writers currently connected to this practice.


5. A list of work sections recently updated by the Masterspec Team


6. Along the top of the Home screen are links to
- the current projects
- the practice Office Masters that are available to clone
- your details, with your profile and subscription access
- and a More tab with Masterspec How-To’s, Frequently Asked Questions, a downloadable User Guide and our Contact details