Product Partner Pricing

Branded sections are fully customised Masterspec sections which include branded products, their relevant installation/application details and related documentation references.

With a full reporting system, 24/7 availability and exposure directly on the specifier's desktop - as they are specifying - Masterspec Branded Work Sections represent the best value for your marketing spend, often less that a single page advertisement in an industry magazine.

There is simply no better way to help ensure your product is specified in a project.

Organise your branded section today

What branded sections do I need?

This depends on the Product Subjects covered. A Product Subject is a single material or system, such as metal roofing, ceramic tiling, carpeting.

What are the costs?

Charges for a branded sections are based on two things:

  • The number of Product Subjects involved, starting at $7,000 + GST pa. for the first section - second or further sections are charged at a reduced rate
  • Plus a one-off writing fee of $1,000 + GST per section

The Masterspec Team will work with you on determining which Product Subjects are involved and then provide you with a firm cost.

How do I proceed?

To proceed with branded sections you will need to complete a service agreement, then our technical editor will contact you to discuss the technical information requirements to prepare the work. Web links and a logo branding option will also be offered to further enhance your marketing effort to specifiers. To start the ball rolling email us today or call 09 631 7044.

Organise your branded section today