11 Apr 2019

Recently, as part of a system review, we found that almost one third of Masterspec subscribers used passwords the failed to meet modern cyber-security best practice. Robust security is of prime importance to Masterspec, not only to keep your and your clients' data safe, but to ensure in this 'internet of things' world and the increasing sharing of BIM data from multiple sources, that system and performance integrity is maintained.

As part of a site-wide upgrade of security we now require all users to have a strong password that adheres to industry standards. From 13th April, when logging in to the system, you may be greeted with a screen tool asking you to create a new password.

Please note that MasterKey and miproducts users will also be asked to create a new password if their current password is weak.

When you log in you may be greeted with the 'Update your password' screen. To meet security requirements your password must:

  • be 8-15 characters long
  • must contain at least one number and one letter
  • cannot contain commonly used words or passwords related to your login, including your own or your company name (eg. susan12, querty12 etc)

You should create a unique password that is used solely for your Masterspec account login.



After entering your new password twice select Submit.

If your password meets security requirements you will be emailed an activation link for you to validate the change.


Please note that the link is valid for 10 minutes only - if you don't complete the update in time return to the 'Update your password' screen and repeat the process.


You will be taken to the Password Reset success page - from here you can login using your new password.


Please note upgrading to a secure password is not optional - if requested you must complete the above steps in order to log in the the Masterspec system.