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CBIWork Section
1 General
The specification
1012Table of Contents
1013Document Control
General requirements
1222Project Personnel
1222LProject Personnel LBP's
1226GDGreen Star Project - Special Requirements
1226GOGreen Star Design & As Built - Credit Schedule
1226GTGreen Star Interiors - Credit Schedule
1226LBLBC Project - Special Requirements
1226LSLBC Project - Imperative Submissions Schedule
1226SPSustainable Project - Special Requirements
1232Interpretation & Definitions
1232S1Explanation of Schedule Sections
1233Referenced Documents
1235Shop Drawings
1235S1Schedule of Shop Drawings
1237S1Schedule of Warranties
1237WAWarranty Agreement
1238As Built Documentation
1238S1Schedule of As Built Documentation
1239Operation & Maintenance
1239S1Schedule of Operation & Maintenance Info
1247Traffic Control
1250Temporary Works & Services
1256Waste Management
1260Project Management
1270S1Schedule of Samples & Prototypes
1270S2Schedule of Spares & Maintenance Products
1278SRSchedule Of Slip Resistance Testing
2 Site
Site general
2001CERe-Levelling Earthquake Damaged Foundations & Floors
2002CEReplacing Earthquake Damaged Foundations & Slabs
2003CERepairing Earthquake Damaged Concrete Floor Slabs
2004CERepairing Earthquake Damaged Chimneys
2112Partial Demolition
2123Asbestos Removal
2133Temporary Support to Existing Structures
2151Relocation of Existing Buildings
Preparation and groundwork
2221Removing Vegetation
2223Removing Subsurface Constructions
2311Cast In Place Concrete Piling
2316Driven Timber Piles & Poles
2318Piling - Engineered
2321Timber Pole Structure
2322Concrete Pile Foundations
2323Timber Pile Foundations
2361Strip Footings
2362Foundation Walls
3 Structure
3101Concrete Work - Basic
3102ARAllied Ready Floor System
3102RRRamsetreid Slab on Grade Flooring Systems
3105Concrete - Common Requirements
3106Concrete Quality Control
3111Formwork for Concrete
3111ALAFS Logicwall Permanent Formwork
3111ARAFS Rediwall Permanent PVC Formwork
3111CFCupolex Slab Formwork System
3111JDJacobsen Dincel Permanent PVC Formwork
3112Reinforcement for Concrete
3121Concrete Placement
3122Sprayed Concrete
3123AAquron 1000 Spray-On Cure & Hardener
3123PFPeter Fell Texture Safe Slip Resistance Finishes
3124Finishes to Wet Concrete
3124AAquron 2000 Spray-On Cure & Waterproofing
3124GEGilt Edge Concrete Cure, Hardener, Moisture Control & Protection
3124PFPeterFell Coloured Concrete & Sealers
3129Concrete Production
3129AAquron 300 Concrete Waterproofing Admix
3130MMONARC Creative Precast Panels & MONARC Treads
3131Precast Concrete Panel Supply
3141Precast Concrete Panel Installation
3143Lightweight GRC Systems
3151Composite Concrete Floor System
3151CComFlor Composite Floor System
3151DDimond Hibond Composite Floor System
3151FDimond Flatdeck Composite Floor System
3151TDTray-dec Composite Floor System
3152Precast Prestressed Floor System
3153Tilt-up Concrete
3154Post Tensioned Concrete
3155Raft Floor System
3155ASAllied Ready Superslab Floor System
3155FRFirth Ribraft Floor Systems
3155MRMAXRaft Floor System
3163HPCSR Hebel PowerFloor Floor System
3163RIRCS Integra Lightweight Concrete Flooring System
3181Chemical Anchoring
3181MSMarkham Superswell Controlled Swell Waterstop
3181SSSimpson Strong-Tie Chemical & Mechanical Anchoring
3182ACAquron 7000 Spray-On Concrete Protection
3185MWMapei MapeWrap FRP System
3197ARArdex Concrete Repair & Finishing Systems
3197MMapei Concrete Repair Systems
3320Concrete Masonry
3321Concrete Masonry - Engineered
3321FFirth Concrete Masonry
3322ICF Insulating Blockwork
3350Earth Building Common Requirements
3351Adobe Brick Earth Building
3352Rammed Earth Building
3410Structural Steel
3411Structural Steelwork
3411DDHS Purlins & Girts
3411MMetalcraft Purlins, Girts & Floor Joists
3411STSteel & Tube Purlins & Girts
3415Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel
3419Structural Steel Quality Control
3421Light Steel Framed Buildings
3421AXAxxis Steel for Framing
3421MFRONDO MAXIframe External Wall Framing System
3811Prefabricated Structural Timber Framing
3811EI-Built Engineered Timber Products
3811MMiTek Prefabricated Timber Trusses
3813Engineered Wood Products
3813CLXLAM CLT Panel Systems
3813FFuturebuild® NZ - LVL Structural Framing
3813JJNL J-Frame - LVL Structural Framing
3813PProwood Laminated Structural Framing
3821Timber Framing
3821MMiTek Timber Framing
3821SSSimpson Strong-Tie Timber Framing
3827EEcoply Plywood Bracing System
3874JTTriboard Structural Building Systems
3876Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS)
3897Replacement & Treatment of Decayed Timber
4 Enclosure
Tanking and pre-cladding
4111Mastic Asphalt Tanking
4121Liquid Applied Tanking
4121SASika BlackSeal SB Spray Applied Tanking
4121SBSika Blackseal Elastic
4131Sheet Tanking
4131AArdex Damp-Proof Membranes
4131ALAllco Volclay Tanking
4131ARArdex Tanking Membranes
4131ASSikaproof A+ 12 Waterproofing System
4131ATAllnex Tanking Membranes
4131AWArdex Weldable Tanking Membrane
4131CFFosroc Sheet Tanking
4131EBEquus Soprema DeboFlex Tanking Membrane
4131MProtecto Foundation Waterproofing & DPM System
4131MAMapei Adesoguard Peel & Stick Tanking
4131MEMapei Easy Lift Damp Proof Membrane
4131NNuralite Tanking
4131PSSikaproof P-12 Waterproofing System
4131SBSikaproof Bentonite Tanking
4131VMViking GM Mercury FC Torch-on Tanking
4131VPViking Peel & Stick Tanking Membrane
4131WBWPS Bitubond Self-Stick Tanking
4131WPWPS Bituflame Torch On Tanking
4131WRWPS Rawmat Bentonite Tanking
4161Underlays, Foil & DPC
4161BBradford Underlays & Foils
4161DPDuPont Tyvek Underlay System
4161MIMarshall Weatherization System
4161PCPro Clima Wall and Roof Underlays, Tapes & Accessories
4161PIPro Clima Internal Airtightness System
4161TThermakraft Underlays, Foils, DPC, DPM, & Tapes
4161TATasman Building Underlays & Foils
4171BRBGC Durabarrier Rigid Air Barrier
4171EEcoply Barrier Rigid Air Barrier System
4171ERPacific Build Supply - Pacbld RWU Rigid Wall Underlay
4171GRGIB Weatherline Rigid Air Barrier
4171HRJames Hardie® Rigid Air Barriers
4171IBIBS Rigidrap Rigid Air Barrier System
Wall cladding
4211Proprietary Curtain Walling
4211CWAltus Curtain Walling
4211TSThermosash Curtain Walling
4223Plywood Cladding
4223PPlytech Pinetech Cladding
4223SCShadowclad Plywood Cladding
4231Fibre Cement Sheet Cladding
4231BSBGC Sheet Lining & Facade Systems
4231BWBGC Weatherboard & Plank Cladding Systems
4231ECPacific Build Supply Pacbld Siding Weatherboards - Cavity
4231HAJames Hardie® Axon™ Panel Cladding
4231HEJames Hardie® EasyLap™ Panel Cladding
4231HFJames Hardie® Facade Panel Cladding
4231HHJames Hardie Hardieflex™ Sheet Cladding
4231HIJames Hardie® External Fire & Acoustic Wall Systems
4231HLJames Hardie® Linea™ Cladding
4231HSJames Hardie® Stria™ Cladding
4231HWJames Hardie® Weatherboard Cladding
4231XPacbld Xpressclad Cavity Cladding Systems
4234JRJacobsen Rodeca Facade System
4238CPCelcrete 50 Panel Veneer Cladding System
4238HPCSR Hebel® PowerPanel50 External Wall System
4238HXCSR Hebel® PowerPanelXL External Wall System
4241Profiled Metal Cladding
4241DDimond Profiled Cladding
4241DANu-Wall Profiled Metal Cladding
4241FVFlashclad Vertical Aluminium Cladding
4241MMetalcraft Roofing Profiled Cladding
4241MEMetalcraft Espan Cladding
4241MRMDS Profiled Metal Cladding
4241NZColorsteel® Wall Cladding
4241RERoofing Industries Eurostyle Epic Cladding
4241RFRoofing Industries Eurostyle Spanlok, Eurolok Cladding
4241RIRoofing Industries Profiled Metal Cladding
4241RSThe Roofing Store Profiled Metal Cladding
4241SSteel & Tube Profiled Metal Wall Cladding
4241SESteel & Tube Euroline Cladding
4241SLSteel & Tube Legacy Cladding
4241TSSteelformers Profiled Metal Cladding
4242Profiled Plastic Cladding
4251Aluminium Composite Cladding
4251PFPSP Alpolic® FR Aluminium Cladding Systems
4251SASymonite Alucobond® Plus ACP Cladding Systems
4251SPSPS ALUCOBOND® Plus ACP Cladding Systems
4252PCPaneltec Induracore G2® Aluminium Cladding
4252PDPaneltec Induraplate™ Aluminium Cladding
4252SPSPS ALUCOLUX Solid Aluminium Cladding System
4252SSSymonite Alucolux Solid Aluminium Cladding System
4254SPInnowood Weatherboard Cladding System
4254TMTrespa Meteon Facade Cladding
4254XFTrespa Meteon PXF Facade Cladding
4256HMJames Hardie® Monolithic Cladding
4257Steel Clad Insulated Panel Systems
4257BBondor NZ XFLAM Fire Rated Insulated Panel System
4257BIBondor NZ EPS Structural Insulated Panel System
4257KAKingspan KS600 AWP, KS900 AWP, KS1000 AWP Wall Facade System
4257KCKingspan KS1100CS Coolstore Panel System
4257KRKingspan KS1000RW Insulated Roof & Wall System
4257MMetalcraft Insulated Panel Systems
4257MFMetalcraft Fire Resistant Insulated Panel Systems
4257MOMetalcraft Metecno PIR Insulated Panel System
4259JTJacobsen NBK Terracotta Facade System
4259PTPacific Build Tonality Clay Tiles Facade
4259SFSymonite Equitone Fibre Cement Cladding
4259SPSPS EQUITONE Fibre Cement Cladding
4259SQSPS CUPACLAD Slate Cladding
4259SRSPS Terreal Terracotta Cladding
4259SSSymonite Cupaclad Slate Cladding
4259STSymonite Terreal Terracotta Cladding
4268SSSimpson Strong-Tie Heli-Tie Helical Wall Tie Systems
Roofing and decking
4311Profiled Metal Roofing
4311DDimond Profiled Metal Roofing
4311DIDimond Tricore Roofing System
4311DTDimond Roofing - Architectural Tray Profile
4311MMetalcraft Profiled Roofing
4311MEMetalcraft Espan Roofing
4311MRMDS Profiled Metal Roofing
4311NZColorsteel® Roofing
4311RERoofing Industries Eurostyle Epic Roofing
4311RFRoofing Industries Eurostyle Spanlok, Eurolok Roofing
4311RIRoofing Industries Profiled Metal Roofing
4311RLRoofLogic Ultratherm MSR Roofing System
4311RMRooflogic Fibertherm MSR Roofing System
4311RSThe Roofing Store Profiled Metal Roofing
4311SSteel & Tube Profiled Metal Roofing
4311SCSteel & Tube Profiled Metal Commercial Roofing
4311SESteel & Tube Euroline Roofing
4311SLSteel & Tube Legacy Standing Seam Roofing
4311TSSteelformers Profiled Metal Roofing
4312Profiled Plastic Roofing
4312DDimond Profiled GRP Natural Lighting
4312RIRoofing Industries Profiled Natural Lighting
4331HJames Hardie® Fibre Cement Decking
4337Plywood Roofing & Decking Substrate
4337EEcoply Roofing & Decking
Membrane roofing
4411Mastic Asphalt Roofing
4411AAsphaltech Mastic Asphalt Roofing
4411ADAsphaltech Mastic Asphalt Decks & Terraces
4411AGAsphaltech Mastic Asphalt Green Roofs
4411APAsphaltech Mastic Asphalt Car Parks
4411MNNeuchatel Mastic Asphalt Roofing
4414AHAllco Hydrotech MM6125 Rubberised Asphalt Waterproofing
4414APAsphaltech Permatec Rubberized Membrane
4421Bitumen Based Sheet Roofing
4421AArdex Bituminous Membrane Roofing
4421ALAllco Casali Dermabit Extra and Dermafil Roof & Deck Membrane
4421ASAllnex Soprema Roofing Membrane Systems
4421MEMapei Evolight S Roof & Deck Membrane
4421MNSika Index Mineral Nova Torch-On Membrane
4421MSMapei Spider P Roof & Deck Membrane
4421NNuraply Membrane Roofing & Decking
4421PTSika Index Proteaduo Triarmato Torch-On Membrane
4421SFSealco FlameSEAL WarmSEAL & GreenSEAL Membrane Roofing
4421VBViking GM Torch-On Roofing
4421VRViking Roof Gardens
4421WBWPS bituFLAME Membrane Roofing
4422Synthetic Rubber Sheet Membrane
4422AArdex Butynol & Butyseal Membrane Roofing
4422ADArdex Undertile Waterproofing Membrane
4422AEArdex Weldtec Exposed Membrane System
4422AJAllco JM TPO Membrane
4422ATArdex TPO Membrane Roofing
4422EBEquus Soprema Duotherm Warm Roof
4422EFEquus Soprema Flagon TPO Waterproofing Membrane
4422GEGAF EverGuard TPO Membrane Roofing
4422MMMapei Mapeplan TPO Membrane
4422NTNuraply TPO Roof & Deck Membrane
4422STSealco EcoTUFF TPO Warmseal & Greenseal Membrane Roofing
4422VBViking Butylclad & Epiclad Membrane Roofing
4422VEViking Enviroclad Membrane
4422VRViking Fleece Backed Re-roofing Membranes
4422VSViking Warmspan Tray System
4422VWViking Warm Roof System
4422WTWPS DuroTUF TPO Waterproofing Membrane
4423EBEquus Soprema Duo Waterproofing Membrane
4424RFRooflogic Fibertite Roofing Membrane
4424RLRoofLogic Ultratherm Xtreme Fibertite Roofing System
4424SASika Sarnafil® Fully Adhered Roofing Membrane
4424SGSika Sarnafil® Loose-Laid Roofing Membrane
4424SMSika Sarnafil® Mechanically Fixed Roofing Membrane
4432Liquid Applied Membrane Waterproofing
4432CDEquus Chevaline Dexx Roof & Deck Membrane
4432SRSikaRoof MTC 22 Liquid Applied Roof Membrane
4432VViking DEC-K-ING Waterproofing Membrane
4481LDInternational Leak Detection System
Windows and doors
4522CSCS Group Performance Louvres
4522JBJuralco Bask Louvre Roof System
4522LLouvretec Sun Louvre Systems
4522WLWindow Treatments Louvre Roof System
4576Commercial & Industrial Doors & Grilles
4576ACAcedoors Commercial & Industrial Doors
4576AFAcedoors Fast-Acting Doors
4576MBMetalbilt Commercial & Industrial Doors & Grilles
4576PDParkwood Commercial Personnel Doors
4585WCWCS Window & Ventilation Control Systems
4711FSForman Stratocell Whisper Foam Insulation
Enclosure sundries
4811BBostik Sealants & Adhesives
4811SSika Sealants
4811SESelleys Sealants
4811SGSoudal Gorilla Sealants & Adhesives
4821FFlashman Window & Door Flashings
4824AEAllco Wabo Expansion & Seismic Joints
4824BEBAS Architectural Expansion Joint Systems
4824CS CS Group Expansion & Seismic Joints
4824ICInterior Components Seismic Expansion Joint Systems
4824SESika Emseal Expansion & Seismic Joints
4824UAUASL MM Systems Architectural Expansion Joints
4824ZBZone Balco Expansion Joint Systems
4851Exterior Handrails & Timber Balustrades
4852JBJuralco Glass & Aluminium Balustrades
4852MEModdex Exterior Handrails, Grabrails & Balustrades
4852SPSpectrum Aluminium & Glass Balustrades
4852UBUnex Architectural Barrier Systems
4860CSCamelspace Sayfa Walkway, Platform & Access Systems
4860MTMonkeytoe Walkway, Platform & Access Systems
4860PGPerry Grating Walkway, Platform & Access Systems
4860SMSkymesh Rooflight Protection
4861CPCon-form Surface Mounted Platforms
4861CSCon-form Platform Screens
4866CSCamelspace Sayfa Roof Access Hatches & Rung Ladders
4866SHSellwood Roof Access Hatches
4871IFInsol Facade Louvres & Screens
4911Steel Metalwork
4924Stainless Steel Metalwork
5 Interior
Wall and ceiling linings
5111Fibre Cement Sheet Linings
5111BLBGC Fibre Cement Sheet Linings
5111HJames Hardie® Fibre Cement Sheet Linings
5113Plasterboard Linings
5113EBElephant Plasterboard Linings
5113GGIB Plasterboard Linings
5113UBUSG Boral Plasterboard Linings
5122Plywood Linings
5122PCPlytech Commercial Linings
5122PLPlytech Residential Linings
5122PRPlymasters Residential Timber Veneer Linings
5137DPDuraplan Wall Linings
5171Plasterboard Sound & Fire Linings
5171GGIB Plasterboard Fire & Sound Linings
5171GIGIB Intertenancy Barrier Systems
5171HIJames Hardie® Internal Fire & Acoustic Wall Systems
5171HTHebel Intertenancy Wall System
5171RIRCS Integra Lightweight Concrete Intertenancy System
5171UBUSG Boral Inter-tenancy Sound & Fire Walls
5174GGIB Plasterboard Impact Resisting Linings
Partitions and doors
5216SKorok Panelized Partitions
Ceiling systems
5311Suspended Tile Ceilings
5311AUSG Boral Acoustical Suspended Ceilings
5311ACAutex Ceiling Tiles
5311AMAMF Acoustic Tile Ceiling Systems
5311ASAsona Ceiling Systems
5311EEcoplus Systems Fastlock Suspended Ceilings
5311FForman Suspended Tile Ceiling Systems
5311GRGIB Reverberation Control Systems
5311PIPotter Interior Suspended Ceiling Systems
5311RTRondo Systems - Tile Ceilings
5311TRT&R Interior Systems - Ceilings
5313Direct Fixed or Suspended Sheet Ceilings
5313EEcoplus Systems Concealed Grid Ceilings
5313FSForman Studco Suspended Ceiling Systems
5313KLRondo Systems - Plasterboard & Sheet Ceilings
5313SRSRP Ceiling Batten Systems
5316Direct-Fix Grid System for Sheet Ceilings
5316RCRondo Direct-Fix Ceilings - Residential
5316SCSteelformers Ceiling Batten System
5431Particleboard Floors
5431KFKopine Particleboard Floors
5431SStrandfloor Timber Floors By Laminex
5431SFStrandfloor Fire & Acoustic Floors By Laminex
5433Plywood Floors
5433EEcoply Floors
5438BFBGC Fibre Cement Interior Flooring
5438HJames Hardie® Fibre Cement Interior Flooring
5438HIJames Hardie® Secura™ Fire & Acoustic Floor System
Joinery fixtures and hardware
5511PCPlymasters Commercial Joinery & Linings
5568Metal & Composite Fixtures
6 Finish
Applied coatings
6122Floor Screeds & Toppings
6122AArdex Floor Substrate Preparation
6122CFosroc Polyurethane Flooring
6122GEGilt Edge Floor Levelling Systems
6122SRSika Cement Based Floor Repair & Levelling
6125ADFlowcrete Deckshield Car Park Deck Coating
6125AFFlowcrete Industrial & Commercial Resin Floor
6125AIArdex Industrial Flooring Systems
6125ALAllnex Resin Flooring & Floor Toppings
6125APArdex Polished Concrete Topping
6125CFosroc Floor Finishes
6125DRDegadur Commercial Resin Flooring
6125MCMapei Car Park Waterproofing & Finishes
6125MIMapei Industrial & Commercial Flooring Systems
6125MSMapei Sports Surfaces
6125MUMapei Ultratop Cementitious Topping
6125SESika Electrostatic Conductive Floor Finishes
6125SGSika General Coloured Floor Finishes
6125SMSika Concrete Moisture Control System
6125STSika Chemical - Temperature Resistant Floors
6125SVSika Car Park Waterproofing Finishes
6133ACArdex Comfort Floor System
6133SPSika Pulastic Sports Surfaces
6133SSSika Clear Sealers
6135AAquron Moisture Control for Floorcoverings
6141Ground, Sealed or Polished Concrete
6141HHusqvarna Hiperfloor Ground Polished Concrete
6141HGHiperfloor Greenseal Ground Polished Concrete
6141MFMegafloor Polished Concrete
6192HJames Hardie® Tile & Slate Underlay
6193AFArdex Concrete Finishing & Repair Systems
Flooring ancillaries
6614ASAdvance Stair Nosing & Inserts
6614FSFreedom Stepmaster Stair - Nosings & Inserts
6614GEGilt Edge Stair Nosing, Transitions & Trim
6614JTJacobsen Tredsafe Nosings & Transitions
6614MRMRC Tredsafe Stair Nosings & Treads
6614TTTotal Tactilez Nosings & Trim
Painting, decoration and coating
6700Painting General
6700APApco Coatings Painting General
6700DDulux Painting General
6700PPPorter's Paints General Painting
6700PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems General
6700RResene Painting General
6700WWattyl Painting General
6711Painting Exterior
6711APApco Coatings Painting Exterior
6711DDulux Painting Exterior
6711DEDulux Environmental Painting Exterior
6711PPPorter's Paints Exterior Painting
6711PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems Exterior
6711RResene Painting Exterior
6711REResene Environmental Painting Exterior
6711WWattyl Painting Exterior
6721Painting Interior
6721APApco Coatings Painting Interior
6721DDulux Painting Interior
6721DEDulux Environmental Painting Interior
6721PPPorter's Paints Interior Painting
6721PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems Interior
6721RResene Painting Interior
6721REResene Environmental Painting Interior
6721TEWattyl Environmental Painting Interior
6721WWattyl Painting Interior
6734FSFireshield™ Intumescent Coatings - Timber
6742Fire Rated Coatings - Steelwork
6742AAltex Fireproofing Coatings - Steelwork
6742AJApco Jotun Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742DFDulux - Fireshield™ Intumescent Coatings
6742FSFireshield™ Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742IPInternational Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742PPPPG Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742RResene Fireproofing Coatings - Steelwork
6742WZSherwin WIlliams Phoenix Intumescent Steel Coating
6742ZIZone Isolatek Sprayed Fire Protection - Steel
6742ZPZone Phoenix Intumescent Steel Coating
6743MIMirotone Intumescent Timber Coatings
6743ZEZone FireZone F1E Exterior Intumescent Timber Coating
6743ZFZone FireZone Interior Intumescent Systems
6744DPDulux Protective Coatings
6745Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745AAltex Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745AJApco Jotun Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745IPInternational Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745PPPPG Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745RResene Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745WWattyl Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6746DDulux Powder & Industrial Coatings
6746IPInterpon Powder Coatings
6746PPPPG Powder Coatings
6781Hot Dip Galvanizing
6782Metal Spray Corrosion Protection
Finishes sundries
6811Waterproofing & Acoustic Underlay System
6812AArdex Undertile Waterproofing Membranes
6812WGWPS Gripset® 2P & 38FC SBR Liquid Waterproofing
6813BABelgotex Acoustic Underlay
6813FSForbo Sarlibase Acoustic Underlay
6813JJacobsen Acoustic Underlay
6815PSPyrotek Soundlag Acoustic Pipe Lagging
6815PWPyrotek Wavebar Acoustic Barriers
6816PRPyrotek Reapor Sound Absorber Panel
7 Services
7310Fire Sprinkler System - Houses
7311Fire Hose Systems
7312Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
7351Manual Fire Alarm System
7352Automatic Fire & Smoke Alarm System
7371Underground Fire Hydrants
7372Fire Hydrant Systems for Buildings
7381Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
7382Fire Stopping Systems
7382AFAllproof Passive Fire Protection Systems
7382BOBoss Fire Stopping Systems
7382RFRyanfire Fire Stopping Systems
7382RWRockwool Fireseal Passive Fire Protection Systems
7383Fire & Smoke Curtains
7385WCWCS Smoke & Exhaust Ventilation
Liquid disposal
7411Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411CContinuous Spouting Rainwater Systems
7411DDimond Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411FPVortique Rainwater Disposal Systems
7411MMetalcraft Roofing Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411MAMarley Rainwater Disposal Systems
7411RIRoofing Industries Metal Rainwater Systems
7411SSteel & Tube Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411SRSteelformers Rainwater Systems
7412ARAllproof Roof & Balcony Drainage Systems
7431Drainage Common Requirements
7441Groundwater Drainage
7451Surface Water Drainage
7451AACO Surface Drainage Systems
7451AEAllproof Exterior Surface Drainage Solutions
7451ALAllproof Level Threshold Drainage Systems
7451THThundaflo Heavy Duty Surface Drainage System
7455Stormwater Soakage Systems
7461Foul Water Drainage
7462Wastewater Treatment System
Ventilation and air-conditioning
7673Split Unit Heat Pump Systems
7707Electrical - Common Requirements
7711Primary Power Supply
7717Photovoltaic Power System
7722General Power Distribution
7743Emergency Evacuation Lighting
7761Electric Appliances
Communications, Detection, Monitoring, Protection & Controls
7811Communications Cabling
7910Lift - Low Speed or Platform
7938Safety Access Systems
7938APAPS Height Access Safety Systems
7938CSCamelspace Sayfa Fall Protection Systems
7938GMGoleman Fall Arrest System
7938MAMSA Latchways Fall Protection Systems
7938PBPBI Fall Protection Systems
7938THTotal Height Safety Fall Protection System
8 External
Retaining walls
8112Segmental Concrete Block Retaining Walls
8112FFirth Keystone Retaining Walls
8112FSFirth Keystone Structural Retaining Walls
8113Concrete Crib Retaining Walls
8122Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil
8126Gabion Retaining Walls
8132Steel Pile Timber Rail Retaining Walls
8141Timber Crib Retaining Walls
8142Timber Post Retaining Walls
8143Timber Pole Retaining Walls
8212Sub Bases to Sealing & Paving
8222Chip Seal & Asphaltic Paving
8226Gravel & Stone Paving
8231Segmental Paving
8231FFirth Paving
8231FTFirth Trafficable Streetscape & Urban Paving
8231HIHorizon International Paving
8231UPUrban Paving Natural Stone Paving
8241Edging, Kerbs, Gutters & Footpaths
8241RRRamsetreid Pavement & Kerb System
8255Synthetic Turf
8255SGSmartgrass Synthetic Turf
8261Roadmarkings & Signs
8262HMHaltmaster Traffic Management
8281FGFreedom Guidemaster Exterior Tactile Indicators
8281MRMRC Exterior Tactile Pavers & Indicators
8281TTTotal Tactilez Exterior Tactile Indicators
Landscape cultivation
8321Soil & Soil Preparation for Planting
8331Plant Propagation
8333Turf Laying & Lawn Seeding
8335Tree Planting & Transplanting
8363Rain Gardens
8380Landscape Maintenance
8382Tree Pruning
8384Roadside Mowing & Vegetation Control
Landscape structures
8430Fences & Gates
8432ESEdgesmith Fence, Panel & Gate Systems
8432JSJuralco Sanctuary Fence & Gate Systems
8434Post & Wire Fences
8440Garden Walls
8461Street & Landscape Furniture
8461UEUrban Effects Streetscape Furniture
Landscape services
8511Irrigation System
8581Duct Work for Landscape Services
Civil engineering infrastructure
8600Civil - Common Requirements
8612Bulk Earthworks Development
8613Construction to Formation
8616Lime treatment of sub-grades
8621Storm Water Drainage
8622Sanitary Sewers
8624Subsoil & Subgrade Drainage
8625Water Supply Reticulation
8631Sub Basecourse & Basecourse Construction
8642Carriageway Surfacing
8671CPCSP Pacific Multi-plate Systems
8682CPCSP Pacific Acoustic Barriers
8686BEBAS Bridge & Car Park Joints, Bridge Bearings & Accessories