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CBIWork Section
1 General
The specification
1012Table of Contents
1013Document Control
General requirements
1222Project Personnel
1222LProject Personnel LBP's
1226CECEMO Project - Special Requirements
1226CSCEMO Project - Selection Schedules
1226GDGreen Star Project - Special Requirements
1226GOGreen Star Design & As Built - Credit Schedule
1226GTGreen Star Interiors - Credit Schedule
1226LBLBC Project - Special Requirements
1226LSLBC Project - Imperative Submissions Schedule
1226SPSustainable Project - Special Requirements
1232Interpretation & Definitions
1232S1Explanation of Schedule Sections
1233Referenced Documents
1235Shop Drawings
1235S1Schedule of Shop Drawings
1237S1Schedule of Warranties
1237WAWarranty Agreement
1238As Built Documentation
1238S1Schedule of As Built Documentation
1239Operation & Maintenance
1239S1Schedule of Operation & Maintenance Info
1250Temporary Works & Services
1256Waste Management
1260Project Management
1270S1Schedule of Samples & Prototypes
1270S2Schedule of Spares & Maintenance Products
1278SRSchedule Of Slip Resistance Testing
2 Site
2112Partial Demolition
2123Asbestos Removal
3 Structure
3101Concrete Work - Basic
3114EExpol Underslab Insulation
3114KCKnauf Climafoam XPS Concrete Slab Insulation
3123PFPeter Fell Texture Safe Slip Resistance Finishes
3124Finishes to Wet Concrete
3124GEGilt Edge Concrete Cure, Hardener, Moisture Control & Protection
3124PFPeterFell Coloured Concrete & Sealers
3143Lightweight GRC Systems
3320Concrete Masonry
3321FFirth Concrete Masonry
3410Structural Steel
3415Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel
3813CLXLAM CLT Panel Systems
3813JJNL J-Frame - LVL Structural Framing
3827EEcoply Plywood Bracing System
3831Interior Timberwork
3874JTTriboard Structural Building Systems
4 Enclosure
Tanking and pre-cladding
4161Underlays, Foil & DPC
4161BBradford Underlays & Foils
4161DPDuPont Tyvek Underlay System
4161PCPro Clima Wall and Roof Underlays, Tapes & Accessories
4161PIPro Clima Internal Airtightness System
4161TThermakraft Underlays, Foils, DPC, DPM, & Tapes
4161TATasman Building Underlays & Foils
4161THTCL Hunt Dristud Foils, Underlays, Tapes & Dpc
Wall cladding
4221AHAbodo Horizontal Cladding System
4221AVAbodo Vertical Cladding System
4221BHTimberline Thermory Horizontal Cladding
4221BVTimberline Thermory Vertical Cladding
4221CHRosenfeld Kidson Cedarscreen Horizontal Weatherboards
4221CVRosenfeld Kidson Cedarscreen Vertical Weatherboards
4221HHHermpac Horizontal Weatherboard Cladding System
4221HVHermpac Vertical Weatherboard Cladding System
4221JHJSC Timber Horizontal Weatherboard Cladding
4221JVJSC Timber Vertical Weatherboard Cladding
4221KHKLC Horizontal Weatherboard Cladding System
4221KVKLC Vertical Cladding System
4221THTimspec Accoya Horizontal Weatherboards
4221TITimspec Accoya Vertical Weatherboards
4221TPTimspec Radiata Pine Horizontal Weatherboards
4221TRTimspec Radiata Pine Vertical Weatherboards
4221TUTimspec Cedar Horizontal Weatherboards
4221TVTimspec Cedar Vertical Weatherboards
4251Aluminium Composite Cladding
4251PFPSP Alpolic® FR Aluminium Cladding Systems
4251SASymonite Alucobond® Plus ACP Cladding Systems
4251SPSPS ALUCOBOND® Plus ACP Cladding Systems
4252PCPaneltec Induracore G2® Aluminium Cladding
4252PDPaneltec Induraplate™ Aluminium Cladding
4252SPSPS ALUCOLUX Solid Aluminium Cladding System
4252SSSymonite Alucolux Solid Aluminium Cladding System
4258NBCemintel Territory Cladding
4259JTJacobsen NBK Terracotta Facade System
4259PTPacific Build Tonality Clay Tiles Facade
4259SRSPS Terreal Terracotta Cladding
4259STSymonite Terreal Terracotta Cladding
4272CCraftstone Real Stone Veneer System
4272NBNZ Brick Distributors Natural Stone Veneer
4272SSumner Schist
4273HRHard as Rocks Eldorado Stone Veneer
4282DADulux AcraTex Masonry & Brick Plaster System
4282GRGranosite Render Systems
4282MPMasons Plaster Systems
4282RMRCS Masonry Render System
4282SCSpecialized Masonry Plaster System
4282SRSto Masonry Plaster Systems
Roofing and decking
4331HJames Hardie® Fibre Cement Decking
Windows and doors
4522HHoriso External Venetian Blinds
4522JSJuralco Security & Insect Screen Systems
4522WWindow Treatments External Roller Blinds
4553PDParkwood Exterior Doors
4571Automatic Doors
4571DDormakaba Automatic Doors
4571HAHardware Direct Automatic doors
4576Commercial & Industrial Doors & Grilles
4576ACAcedoors Commercial & Industrial Doors
4576AFAcedoors Fast-Acting Doors
4576MBMetalbilt Commercial & Industrial Doors & Grilles
4576PDParkwood Commercial Personnel Doors
4582Steel Fire Windows & Doors
4582CCrittall Arnold Steel Fire Windows & Doors
4582SGSteelguard Steel Fire Rated Windows & Doors
4585WCWCS Window & Ventilation Control Systems
4612Glazing Interior
4612MIMetro Glasstech Interior Glazing
4612VIViridian Glass Interior Glazing
4614Glazing Speciality
4614MSMetro Glasstech Speciality Glazing
4614VSViridian Glass Speciality Glazing
4621Glass Block Walling
4691GGSL Glassguard Glazing Films
4711Thermal Insulation
4711AGAutex Greenstuf Thermal Insulation
4711BBradford Thermal Insulation
4711EExpol Underfloor Insulation
4711ECEcoinsulation® Glasswool Thermal Insulation
4711EWEarthwool Glasswool Thermal Insulation
4711FGForman Autex Greenstuf® Thermal Insulation
4711FKForman Kingspan Kooltherm Soffit & Framing Boards
4711FSForman Stratocell Whisper Foam Insulation
4711JSJet Stream® Max Thermal Insulation
4711KBKoolfoam Black Pearl Thermal Insulation
4711KSKingspan Kooltherm Soffit & Framing Boards
4711MMammoth Thermal Insulation
4711OIOutright Continuous Insulation
4711PPink Batts & BIB Insulation
4711PIPremier Insulation - Thermal
4711TTerra Lana Natural Wool Insulation
4721Acoustic Insulation
4721AGAutex GreenStuf Acoustic Insulation
4721BBradford Acoustic Insulation
4721ECEcoinsulation® Glasswool Acoustic Insulation
4721EWEarthwool Glasswool Acoustic Insulation
4721FGForman Autex Greenstuf® Acoustic Insulation
4721JSJet Stream® Max Acoustic Insulation
4721MMammoth Acoustic Insulation
4721PPink Batts Silencer Acoustic Insulation
4721PIPremier Insulation - Acoustic
Enclosure sundries
4811BBostik Sealants & Adhesives
4811SSika Sealants
4811SESelleys Sealants
4811SGSoudal Gorilla Sealants & Adhesives
4852JBJuralco Glass & Aluminium Balustrades
4852SPSpectrum Aluminium & Glass Balustrades
4852UBUnex Architectural Barrier Systems
4855GVGlass Vice Balustrade & Windbreak Systems
5 Interior
Wall and ceiling linings
5111Fibre Cement Sheet Linings
5111BLBGC Fibre Cement Sheet Linings
5111HJames Hardie® Fibre Cement Sheet Linings
5112Fibrous Plaster Linings
5113Plasterboard Linings
5113CPPotter Perforated Plasterboard Linings
5113EBElephant Plasterboard Linings
5113GGIB Plasterboard Linings
5113UBUSG Boral Plasterboard Linings
5121Wood Wool Panels
5122Plywood Linings
5122PCPlytech Commercial Linings
5122PLPlytech Residential Linings
5122PRPlymasters Residential Timber Veneer Linings
5123Manufactured Timber Board Linings
5124Timber Board Linings
5124TSTimberline Southland Beech Internal Timber Linings
5131Prefinished Panel Linings
5133BLBestwood Wall Linings
5133LLLaminex Wall Linings
5133PLPrime Panels Wall Linings
5133SSeratone Panels By Laminex
5134HJames Hardie® Prefinished Fibre Cement Linings
5134NBCemintel Territory Lining
5137DPDuraplan Wall Linings
5137HCHale Compact Wall Linings
5137HPHydrapanel Wall Lining System
5137KIKerMac Industries K-Wall Lining System
5137RResco Multicom Wall Panelling System
5137SPInnowood Interior Panelling System
5151Internal Trim
5152CSCS Group Wall Protection Systems
5152ICInterior Components Protection Systems
5152ZTZone Tepromark Wall Protection
5163ATAustratus Timber Ceilings
5163SBSculptform Timber Click-on Battens
5164SBSculptform Aluminium Click-on Battens
5171Plasterboard Sound & Fire Linings
5171GGIB Plasterboard Fire & Sound Linings
5171GIGIB Intertenancy Barrier Systems
5171HIJames Hardie® Internal Fire & Acoustic Wall Systems
5171HTHebel Intertenancy Wall System
5171RIRCS Integra Lightweight Concrete Intertenancy System
5171UBUSG Boral Inter-tenancy Sound & Fire Walls
5172DDecortech Acoustic, Decorative & Fire Resistant Panels
5172ZAZenthe FR Acoustic Panel Systems
5172ZBZenthe Feature Batten System
5173GGIB Plasterboard Radiation Protection Linings
5174GGIB Plasterboard Impact Resisting Linings
5175FKForman Kingspan Kooltherm Insulated Plasterboard
5175KPKingspan Kooltherm Insulated Plasterboard
5181Interior Solid Plaster
5181RCRCS Rockcote Interior Plaster System
5183MBMidland Brick NZ - Clay Brick Interior
Partitions and doors
5211Steel Stud & Aluminium Internal Partitions
5211AAASL Internal Aluminium Joinery
5211FSForman Studco Steel Stud & Aluminium Partitions
5211PPotter Steel Stud Framing
5211PPPotter Aluminium Internal Partitions
5211RDRondo Stud & Track Wall Framing System
5211SRSRP Steel Stud & Track Systems
5211SWSRP Whisperwall Acoustic Partition System
5211TRT&R Interior Systems - Partitions
5214Toilet & Cubicle Partitions
5214DPDuraPlan Toilet Partition Systems
5214HPHale Manufacturing Toilet & Shower Partitions
5214KIKerMac Industries Toilet Partition Systems
5214LPLanwood Partitioning
5214RResco Compact Laminate Toilet & Shower Partitions
5216SKorok Panelized Partitions
5225Operable Walls
5225DHDorma Huppe Operable Walls
5225HAHafele Slido Operable Walls
5225LDLotus Doors New Zealand Ltd Operable Walls
5225TSTrans-space Operable Walls
5231Interior Doors & Windows
5231CCS For Doors
5231CSCS For Doors Specialised
5231HVHomeview Cavity Systems
5241Fire & Acoustic Interior Doors & Windows
5241HFHallmark Fire & Acoustic Doors & Windows
5241NZNZ Fire Doors Interior Fire & Acoustic Doors & Windows
5255FHForman Como Interior Hatches & Access Panels
5258NZNZ Fire Doors Special Function Doors
5261LLuxaflex Countrywoods Shutters
5261WWindow Treatments Shutters
Ceiling systems
5311Suspended Tile Ceilings
5311AUSG Boral Acoustical Suspended Ceilings
5311ACAutex Ceiling Tiles
5311AMAMF Acoustic Tile Ceiling Systems
5311ASAsona Ceiling Systems
5311EEcoplus Systems Fastlock Suspended Ceilings
5311FForman Suspended Tile Ceiling Systems
5311GRGIB Reverberation Control Systems
5311PIPotter Interior Suspended Ceiling Systems
5311RTRondo Systems - Tile Ceilings
5311TRT&R Interior Systems - Ceilings
5313Direct Fixed or Suspended Sheet Ceilings
5313EEcoplus Systems Concealed Grid Ceilings
5313FSForman Studco Suspended Ceiling Systems
5313KLRondo Systems - Plasterboard & Sheet Ceilings
5313SRSRP Ceiling Batten Systems
5316Direct-Fix Grid System for Sheet Ceilings
5316RCRondo Direct-Fix Ceilings - Residential
5316SCSteelformers Ceiling Batten System
5411Raised Access Floors
5411ASASP Access Floors
5431Particleboard Floors
5431KFKopine Particleboard Floors
5431SStrandfloor Timber Floors By Laminex
5431SFStrandfloor Fire & Acoustic Floors By Laminex
5432Timber Strip Floors
5433Plywood Floors
5433EEcoply Floors
5438BFBGC Fibre Cement Interior Flooring
5438HJames Hardie® Fibre Cement Interior Flooring
5438HIJames Hardie® Secura™ Fire & Acoustic Floor System
Joinery fixtures and hardware
5511Joinery & Cabinetry Fixtures
5511BCBestwood Cabinetry
5511DCDezignatek Cabinetry
5511LCLaminex™ Cabinetry
5511PCPlymasters Commercial Joinery & Linings
5511PLPlytech Laboratory & Education Cabinetry
5511PMPlymasters Joinery & Cabinetry
5511PPPrime Panels Cabinetry
5511PTPlytech Joinery & Cabinetry
5512Proprietary Fixtures
5512BVBoyd Visuals Presentation Products
5512FBForbo Bulletin Board by Inzide
5512JWJuralco Wardrobe & Storage Systems
5512PPotter Vision Products
5514Fixed Seating
5516BHBlum Cabinetry Hardware Systems
5516HHHettich Cabinetry Hardware Systems
5517LBLaminex Benchtops
5517LHHi-Macs by Laminex
5517PPPrime Panels Benchtops
5521AAAssa Abloy Architectural Door Hardware
5521AHAllegion Hardware.
5521DDormakaba Architectural Door Hardware
5530Blinds & Curtains
5530LLuxaflex Blinds, Curtains & Tracks
5530SPSP Blinds Window Coverings
5530WWindow Treatments Horizontal Blinds
5531LLuxaflex Roller Blinds, Shades & Sunscreens
5531SPSP Commercial FR Sunscreen & Blockout Roller Blinds
5531WWindow Treatments Internal Roller Blinds
5531WHWindow Treatments Honeycomb Blinds & Pleated Blinds
5538VHVanda Blinds & Curtain Track Systems
5544WWindow Treatments Outdoor Awnings
5568Metal & Composite Fixtures
5568SCSpace Commander Garage Storage Systems
5571Timber Stairs
5571HAHometech Attic Stairs
5571SASellwood Attic Ladders
5573Timber Screens & Shutters
5574Interior Handrails & Timber Balustrades
Furniture and appliances
5721Miscellaneous Furniture
5722Workstation Systems
Signs and features
5811Signs & Displays
6 Finish
Applied coatings
6122Floor Screeds & Toppings
6122AArdex Floor Substrate Preparation
6122CFosroc Polyurethane Flooring
6122GEGilt Edge Floor Levelling Systems
6122SRSika Cement Based Floor Repair & Levelling
6123Terrazzo Finishes
6125AFFlowcrete Industrial & Commercial Resin Floor
6125AIArdex Industrial Flooring Systems
6125ALAllnex Resin Flooring & Floor Toppings
6125APArdex Polished Concrete Topping
6125CFosroc Floor Finishes
6125DRDegadur Commercial Resin Flooring
6125MIMapei Industrial & Commercial Flooring Systems
6125MSMapei Sports Surfaces
6125MUMapei Ultratop Cementitious Topping
6125SCSika Comfortfloor Floor System
6125SESika Electrostatic Conductive Floor Finishes
6125SGSika General Coloured Floor Finishes
6125SMSika Concrete Moisture Control System
6133ACArdex Comfort Floor System
6133SPSika Pulastic Sports Surfaces
6133SSSika Clear Sealers
6135AAquron Moisture Control for Floorcoverings
6141Ground, Sealed or Polished Concrete
6141HHusqvarna Hiperfloor Ground Polished Concrete
6141HGHiperfloor Greenseal Ground Polished Concrete
6141MFMegafloor Polished Concrete
6192Flooring Substrate Preparation
6192HJames Hardie® Tile & Slate Underlay
6193AFArdex Concrete Finishing & Repair Systems
6211LLaminam Porcelain Tiling By Laminex
6221Tiling Systems
6221AARDEX Tiling Solutions
6221BBostik ASA Tiling & Waterproofing Solutions
6221CCDribond Tiling Solutions
6221GTGlobal Tile & Laticrete Tiling Systems
6221JDJacobsen Tile & Deck Pedestal System
6221JTJacobsen Tiling
6221KTKerakoll Tiling & Waterproofing Systems
6221MMapei Tiling Solutions
6221SSikaCeram Tiling Solutions
Overlay flooring and wall panelling
6311Timber Strip, Block & Plank Flooring
6311FFForte Timber Overlay System
6311HFHermpac Timber Flooring System
6311RKRosenfeld Kidson Solid Timber Flooring System
6312BLBelgotex Prefinished Laminated Flooring
6312JJacobsen Timber Flooring
6314JJacobsen Pergo Laminate Timber Flooring
6314PParks Swiss Krono Laminate Flooring
6318SESelleys Timber Floor System
6323ATAltro Whiterock Hygienic Interior Wall Lining
6323PDPSP Dumawall Tile Systems
6323PXPSP Dumawall XL Panel Systems
Resilient surfacing
6411Vinyl Surfacing
6411ASAdvance Vinyl Surfacing
6411ATAltro Safety Floors
6411FVForbo Vinyl Floor & Wall Surfacing
6411IFBelgotex Vinyl Floor and Wall Surfacing
6411ILInterface Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring
6411JJacobsen Vinyl Surfacing
6411KKarndean Vinyl Surfacing
6411PPolyflor Vinyl Surfacing
6412Linoleum Surfacing
6412FMForbo Marmoleum Flooring
6412JJacobsen Tarkett Linoleum
6413Rubber Surfacing
6413AAdvance Rubber Surfacing
6413IFBelgotex Flooring Rubber Surfacing
6413JJacobsen Rubber Surfacing
6414Cork Surfacing
6419ASAdvance Sports Flooring
6511FFForbo Flotex Flocked Flooring
6511GEGilt Edge Industries Carpet Systems
6511IFBelgotex Flooring Carpet
6512Carpet Tiles
6512ACAdvance Carpet Tiles
6512ICInterface Carpet Tiles
6512IFBelgotex Flooring Carpet Tiles
6512JJacobsen Carpet Tiles
6512MOMilliken-Ontera Carpet Tiles
Flooring ancillaries
6612AMAdvance Entry Mats & Carpet
6612CSCS Group Entrance Mat Flooring
6612FCForbo Coral Entrance Matting Systems
6612FTFreedom Treadmaster Entry Mats
6612JJacobsen Entrance Matting Systems
6614ASAdvance Stair Nosing & Inserts
6614FSFreedom Stepmaster Stair - Nosings & Inserts
6614GEGilt Edge Stair Nosing, Transitions & Trim
6614JTJacobsen Tredsafe Nosings & Transitions
6614MRMRC Tredsafe Stair Nosings & Treads
6614TTTotal Tactilez Nosings & Trim
6615FGFreedom Guidemaster Interior Tactile Indicators
6615MRMRC Interior Tactile Indicators
6615TTTotal Tactilez Interior Tactile Indicators
Painting, decoration and coating
6700Painting General
6700APApco Coatings Painting General
6700DDulux Painting General
6700PPPorter's Paints General Painting
6700PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems General
6700RResene Painting General
6700WWattyl Painting General
6711APApco Coatings Painting Exterior
6721Painting Interior
6721APApco Coatings Painting Interior
6721DDulux Painting Interior
6721DEDulux Environmental Painting Interior
6721PPPorter's Paints Interior Painting
6721PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems Interior
6721RResene Painting Interior
6721REResene Environmental Painting Interior
6721TEWattyl Environmental Painting Interior
6721WWattyl Painting Interior
6725ZZZONE Zolatone Coating System
6731Decorative Coatings
6733MTMirotone Interior Timber & Speciality Coatings
6734DDryden WoodOil Penetrating Timber Protection
6734FSFireshield™ Intumescent Coatings - Timber
6734MQMirotone Quantum Timber Coatings
6734OPOsmo Timber Finishes
6734STSikkens Timber Stain System
6742Fire Rated Coatings - Steelwork
6742AAltex Fireproofing Coatings - Steelwork
6742AJApco Jotun Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742DFDulux - Fireshield™ Intumescent Coatings
6742FSFireshield™ Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742IPInternational Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742PPPPG Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742RResene Fireproofing Coatings - Steelwork
6742WZSherwin WIlliams Phoenix Intumescent Steel Coating
6742ZIZone Isolatek Sprayed Fire Protection - Steel
6742ZPZone Phoenix Intumescent Steel Coating
6743MIMirotone Intumescent Timber Coatings
6743ZEZone FireZone F1E Exterior Intumescent Timber Coating
6743ZFZone FireZone Interior Intumescent Systems
6744DPDulux Protective Coatings
6745Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745AAltex Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745AJApco Jotun Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745IPInternational Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745PPPPG Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745RResene Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745WWattyl Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6746DDulux Powder & Industrial Coatings
6746IPInterpon Powder Coatings
6746PPPPG Powder Coatings
6751Wallpaper Finishes
6752Fabric & Vinyl Wall Finishes
6758AAAutex Acoustic Wall Coverings, Panels & Tiles
6758CMMartini Acoustic Wall Coverings & Panel
6758PAPotter Acoustic Wall System
6781Hot Dip Galvanizing
6782Metal Spray Corrosion Protection
Finishes sundries
6811Waterproofing & Acoustic Underlay System
6812AArdex Undertile Waterproofing Membranes
6812WWarmup Wetroom System
6812WGWPS Gripset® 2P & 38FC SBR Liquid Waterproofing
6813BABelgotex Acoustic Underlay
6813FSForbo Sarlibase Acoustic Underlay
6813JJacobsen Acoustic Underlay
6816PRPyrotek Reapor Sound Absorber Panel
7 Services
Liquid supply
7123Hot & Cold Water System
7123BButeline Hot & Cold Water System
7123BPButeline PEX Piping System
7123FGForza Pex Hot & Cold Water System
7123IVIsovalve Isolating Valves
7123KPKemPex Hot & Cold Water System
7123MMM Kembla Copper Hot & Cold Water System
7123RRehau Hot & Cold Water System
7126RHRinnai Hot Water Systems
7128MCMerquip Commercial Drinking Water Systems
7128MRMerquip Residential Drinking Water Systems
7151Sanitary Fixtures, Tapware & Accessories
7151AGAquago Chemchek Water Dispensing Systems
7151MCMacDonald Industries Commercial Washroom Accessories
7151MLMerquip Elkay Bottle Fillers & Fountains
7151PDPhoenix Designer Tapware & Accessories
7151PPPhoenix Project Tapware & Accessories
7153ZCZONE Bobrick Commercial Washroom Accessories
7211Gas System Utility Network
7211KKemPex Gas System
7212Gas System LPG Cylinders
7221Gas Appliances
7311Fire Hose Systems
7312Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
7351Manual Fire Alarm System
7352Automatic Fire & Smoke Alarm System
7372Fire Hydrant Systems for Buildings
7381Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
7382Fire Stopping Systems
7382AFAllproof Passive Fire Protection Systems
7382BOBoss Fire Stopping Systems
7382RFRyanfire Fire Stopping Systems
7382RWRockwool Fireseal Passive Fire Protection Systems
7383Fire & Smoke Curtains
7385WCWCS Smoke & Exhaust Ventilation
Liquid disposal
7420Sanitary Systems
7420MDMarley dBlue Acoustic Sanitary System
7420RRRehau Raupiano Plus Acoustic Sanitary System
7421AIAllproof Interior Floor Waste Systems
7421MOMarley Optim DWV Sanitary System
Heating and cooling
7513Central Heating Systems
7552WWarmup Floor Heating Systems
7553Underfloor Heating Mat System
7553DMDevi Undertile Heating Mat System
7554RSRinnai Space Heating Systems
7555EEscea Gas Fires
7555FThe Fireplace - Gas & Electric Fires
7555RFRinnai Gas Fires
7555WWarmington Gas Fires
7556Solid Fuel Space Heating System
7556EEscea Wood Fires
7556FThe Fireplace Wood Fires
7556WWarmington Solid Fuel Fires
Ventilation and air-conditioning
7612Residential Extract Systems
7612HEHometech Mechanical Extract Systems
7673Split Unit Heat Pump Systems
7687HVHometech Home Ventilation System
7701PCPDL & Clipsal Electrical
7702Electrical Standard
Communications, Detection, Monitoring, Protection & Controls
7811Communications Cabling
7813Hearing Assistance - Loop System
7817Communications Cabling Residential
7835Access Control
7835ACAllegion Cisa Hotel Access Control
7835HAHafele Dialock Access Control
7836Intruder Detection Systems
7910Lift - Low Speed or Platform
8 External
Landscape cultivation
8362HGHanging Gardens Vertical Garden Solutions