Content - 21 February 2024

CBIWork Section
1 General
The specification
1013Document Control
General requirements
1232Interpretation & Definitions
1232S1Explanation of Schedule Sections
1233Referenced Documents
1235Shop Drawings
1235S1Schedule of Shop Drawings
1237S1Schedule of Warranties
1237WAWarranty Agreement
1238As Built Documentation
1238S1Schedule of As Built Documentation
1260Project Management
1270S1Schedule of Samples & Prototypes
3 Structure
3411SSCNZ Structural Steelwork
3411S1SCNZ Schedule of Submittals
3411S2SCNZ Schedule of Independent Inspection
3411S3SCNZ Manufacturers Data Report (MDR)
3415SSCNZ Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel
3419SSCNZ Structural Steel Quality Control
6 Finish
Painting, decoration and coating
6700Painting General
6711Painting Exterior
6721Painting Interior
6742Fire Rated Coatings - Steelwork
6745Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6781Hot Dip Galvanizing
6782Metal Spray Corrosion Protection