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CBIWork Section
1 General
The specification
1012Table of Contents
1013Document Control
General requirements
1222Project Personnel
1222LProject Personnel LBP's
1226CECEMO Project - Special Requirements
1226CSCEMO Project - Selection Schedules
1226GDGreen Star Project - Special Requirements
1226GOGreen Star Design & As Built - Credit Schedule
1226GTGreen Star Interiors - Credit Schedule
1226HMHomestar Project - Special Requirements
1226HTHomestar Project - Sustainable Materials
1226LBLBC Project - Special Requirements
1226LSLBC Project - Imperative Submissions Schedule
1226SPSustainable Project - Special Requirements
1232Interpretation & Definitions
1232S1Explanation of Schedule Sections
1233Referenced Documents
1235Shop Drawings
1235S1Schedule of Shop Drawings
1237S1Schedule of Warranties
1237WAWarranty Agreement
1238As Built Documentation
1238S1Schedule of As Built Documentation
1239Operation & Maintenance
1239S1Schedule of Operation & Maintenance Info
1247Traffic Control
1250Temporary Works & Services
1256Waste Management
1260Project Management
1270S1Schedule of Samples & Prototypes
1270S2Schedule of Spares & Maintenance Products
1278SRSchedule Of Slip Resistance Testing
2 Site
2110Demolition Works
2112Partial Demolition
2123Asbestos Removal
Preparation and groundwork
2223Removing Subsurface Constructions
2361Strip Footings
2362Foundation Walls
3 Structure
3101Concrete Work - Basic
3111CFCupolex Slab Formwork System
3114EExpol Underslab Insulation
3114KCKnauf Climafoam XPS Concrete Slab Insulation
3320Concrete Masonry
3321FFirth Concrete Masonry
3410Structural Steel
3411Structural Steelwork
3411DDHS Purlins & Girts
3411MMetalcraft Purlins, Girts & Floor Joists
3411STSteel & Tube Purlins & Girts
3421Light Steel Framed Buildings
3421AXAxxis Steel for Framing
3421MFRONDO MAXIframe External Wall Framing System
3811MMiTek Prefabricated Timber Trusses
3821Timber Framing
3821MMiTek Timber Framing
3821SSSimpson Strong-Tie Timber Framing
4 Enclosure
Tanking and pre-cladding
4161Underlays, Foil & DPC
4161BBradford Underlays & Foils
4161DPDuPont Tyvek Underlay System
4161MIMarshall Weatherization System
4161PCPro Clima Wall and Roof Underlays, Tapes & Accessories
4161PIPro Clima Internal Airtightness System
4161TThermakraft Underlays, Foils, DPC, DPM, & Tapes
4161TATasman Building Underlays & Foils
4161THTCL Hunt Dristud Foils, Underlays, Tapes & Dpc
Windows and doors
4522CSCS Group Performance Louvres
4571HAHardware Direct Automatic doors
4581Exterior Timber Fire Windows & Doors
4581NZNZ Fire Doors Exterior Fire & Acoustic Doorsets
4585WCWCS Window & Ventilation Control Systems
4711Thermal Insulation
4711AGAutex Greenstuf Thermal Insulation
4711BBradford Thermal Insulation
4711EExpol Underfloor Insulation
4711ECEcoinsulation® Glasswool Thermal Insulation
4711EWEarthwool Glasswool Thermal Insulation
4711FGForman Autex Greenstuf® Thermal Insulation
4711FSForman Stratocell Whisper Foam Insulation
4711JSJet Stream® Max Thermal Insulation
4711KBKoolfoam Black Pearl Thermal Insulation
4711MMammoth Thermal Insulation
4711PPink Batts & BIB Insulation
4711PIPremier Insulation - Thermal
4711TTerra Lana Natural Wool Insulation
4721Acoustic Insulation
4721AGAutex GreenStuf Acoustic Insulation
4721BBradford Acoustic Insulation
4721ECEcoinsulation® Glasswool Acoustic Insulation
4721EWEarthwool Glasswool Acoustic Insulation
4721FGForman Autex Greenstuf® Acoustic Insulation
4721JSJet Stream® Max Acoustic Insulation
4721MMammoth Acoustic Insulation
4721PPink Batts Silencer Acoustic Insulation
4721PIPremier Insulation - Acoustic
Enclosure sundries
4811BBostik Sealants & Adhesives
4811SSika Sealants
4811SESelleys Sealants
4811SGSoudal Gorilla Sealants & Adhesives
4821FFlashman Window & Door Flashings
4851Exterior Handrails & Timber Balustrades
4860CSCamelspace Sayfa Walkway, Platform & Access Systems
4860MTMonkeytoe Walkway, Platform & Access Systems
4860PGPerry Grating Walkway, Platform & Access Systems
4860SMSkymesh Rooflight Protection
4861CPCon-form Surface Mounted Platforms
4861CSCon-form Platform Screens
4866CSCamelspace Sayfa Roof Access Hatches & Rung Ladders
4866SHSellwood Roof Access Hatches
4911Steel Metalwork
4924Stainless Steel Metalwork
4933Aluminium Metalwork
4961Copper & Copper Alloy Metalwork
5 Interior
Partitions and doors
5258NZNZ Fire Doors Special Function Doors
5411Raised Access Floors
5411ASASP Access Floors
5431Particleboard Floors
5431KFKopine Particleboard Floors
5431SStrandfloor Timber Floors By Laminex
5432Timber Strip Floors
5433Plywood Floors
5433EEcoply Floors
5438BFBGC Fibre Cement Interior Flooring
5438HJames Hardie® Fibre Cement Interior Flooring
Joinery fixtures and hardware
5510Joinery & Proprietary Fixtures
5511PLPlytech Laboratory & Education Cabinetry
5568Metal & Composite Fixtures
5571Timber Stairs
5571HAHometech Attic Stairs
5571SASellwood Attic Ladders
5574Interior Handrails & Timber Balustrades
6 Finish
Applied coatings
6122SRSika Cement Based Floor Repair & Levelling
6125AIArdex Industrial Flooring Systems
6125MIMapei Industrial & Commercial Flooring Systems
6125SESika Electrostatic Conductive Floor Finishes
6125SMSika Concrete Moisture Control System
6125STSika Chemical - Temperature Resistant Floors
6192HJames Hardie® Tile & Slate Underlay
Painting, decoration and coating
6700Painting General
6700APApco Coatings Painting General
6700DDulux Painting General
6700PPPorter's Paints General Painting
6700PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems General
6700RResene Painting General
6700WWattyl Painting General
6711Painting Exterior
6711APApco Coatings Painting Exterior
6711DDulux Painting Exterior
6711DEDulux Environmental Painting Exterior
6711PPPorter's Paints Exterior Painting
6711PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems Exterior
6711RResene Painting Exterior
6711REResene Environmental Painting Exterior
6711WWattyl Painting Exterior
6721Painting Interior
6721APApco Coatings Painting Interior
6721DDulux Painting Interior
6721DEDulux Environmental Painting Interior
6721PPPorter's Paints Interior Painting
6721PSPaintPlus Environmental Paint Systems Interior
6721RResene Painting Interior
6721REResene Environmental Painting Interior
6721TEWattyl Environmental Painting Interior
6721WWattyl Painting Interior
6734FSFireshield™ Intumescent Coatings - Timber
6742Fire Rated Coatings - Steelwork
6742AAltex Fireproofing Coatings - Steelwork
6742AJApco Jotun Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742DFDulux - Fireshield™ Intumescent Coatings
6742FSFireshield™ Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742IPInternational Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742PPPPG Intumescent Coatings - Steelwork
6742RResene Fireproofing Coatings - Steelwork
6742WZSherwin WIlliams Phoenix Intumescent Steel Coating
6742ZIZone Isolatek Sprayed Fire Protection - Steel
6742ZPZone Phoenix Intumescent Steel Coating
6743MIMirotone Intumescent Timber Coatings
6743ZEZone FireZone F1E Exterior Intumescent Timber Coating
6743ZFZone FireZone Interior Intumescent Systems
6744DPDulux Protective Coatings
6745Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745AAltex Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745AJApco Jotun Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745IPInternational Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745PPPPG Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745RResene Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6745WWattyl Protective Coatings - Steelwork
6746DDulux Powder & Industrial Coatings
6746IPInterpon Powder Coatings
6746PPPPG Powder Coatings
6781Hot Dip Galvanizing
6782Metal Spray Corrosion Protection
Finishes sundries
6815PSPyrotek Soundlag Acoustic Pipe Lagging
6815PWPyrotek Wavebar Acoustic Barriers
6816PRPyrotek Reapor Sound Absorber Panel
7 Services
Liquid supply
7112Rainwater Storage Tanks
7123Hot & Cold Water System
7123BButeline Hot & Cold Water System
7123BPButeline PEX Piping System
7123FGForza Pex Hot & Cold Water System
7123IVIsovalve Isolating Valves
7123KPKemPex Hot & Cold Water System
7123MMM Kembla Copper Hot & Cold Water System
7123RRehau Hot & Cold Water System
7125Solar Water Heating System
7126RHRinnai Hot Water Systems
7128MCMerquip Commercial Drinking Water Systems
7142Greywater Systems
7151Sanitary Fixtures, Tapware & Accessories
7151AGAquago Chemchek Water Dispensing Systems
7151MCMacDonald Industries Commercial Washroom Accessories
7151MLMerquip Elkay Bottle Fillers & Fountains
7151PDPhoenix Designer Tapware & Accessories
7151PPPhoenix Project Tapware & Accessories
7153ZCZONE Bobrick Commercial Washroom Accessories
7211Gas System Utility Network
7211KKemPex Gas System
7212Gas System LPG Cylinders
7221Gas Appliances
7310Fire Sprinkler System - Houses
7311Fire Hose Systems
7312Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
7351Manual Fire Alarm System
7352Automatic Fire & Smoke Alarm System
7371Underground Fire Hydrants
7372Fire Hydrant Systems for Buildings
7381Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
7382Fire Stopping Systems
7382AFAllproof Passive Fire Protection Systems
7382BOBoss Fire Stopping Systems
7382RFRyanfire Fire Stopping Systems
7382RWRockwool Fireseal Passive Fire Protection Systems
7383Fire & Smoke Curtains
7385WCWCS Smoke & Exhaust Ventilation
Liquid disposal
7411Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411CContinuous Spouting Rainwater Systems
7411DDimond Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411FPVortique Rainwater Disposal Systems
7411MMetalcraft Roofing Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411MAMarley Rainwater Disposal Systems
7411RIRoofing Industries Metal Rainwater Systems
7411SSteel & Tube Rainwater Spouting Systems
7411SRSteelformers Rainwater Systems
7412ARAllproof Roof & Balcony Drainage Systems
7420Sanitary Systems
7420MDMarley dBlue Acoustic Sanitary System
7420RRRehau Raupiano Plus Acoustic Sanitary System
7421Sanitary Systems
7421AIAllproof Interior Floor Waste Systems
7421MOMarley Optim DWV Sanitary System
7431Drainage Common Requirements
7441Groundwater Drainage
7451Surface Water Drainage
7451AACO Surface Drainage Systems
7451AEAllproof Exterior Surface Drainage Solutions
7451ALAllproof Level Threshold Drainage Systems
7451THThundaflo Heavy Duty Surface Drainage System
7455Stormwater Soakage Systems
7461Foul Water Drainage
7462Wastewater Treatment System
Heating and cooling
7513Central Heating Systems
7545Underfloor Heating
7545RRehau Underfloor Heating
7552DDevi Underfloor Heating System
7552WWarmup Floor Heating Systems
7553Underfloor Heating Mat System
7553DMDevi Undertile Heating Mat System
7554RSRinnai Space Heating Systems
7555EEscea Gas Fires
7555FThe Fireplace - Gas & Electric Fires
7555RFRinnai Gas Fires
7555WWarmington Gas Fires
7556Solid Fuel Space Heating System
7556EEscea Wood Fires
7556FThe Fireplace Wood Fires
7556WWarmington Solid Fuel Fires
Ventilation and air-conditioning
7600Mechanical - Common Requirements
7612Residential Extract Systems
7612HEHometech Mechanical Extract Systems
7614Mechanical Pumps
7615Tanks, Vessels & Heat Exchangers
7616Water Heating Boilers
7620Fan Coil Units
7621Packaged Air-conditioning
7622Air Handling Plant
7624Air Filters
7628VRF Air-Conditioning System
7632Ductwork Insulation
7633Attenuators & Acoustic Louvres
7634Air Grilles
7641Mechanical Piping
7642Mechanical Piping Insulation
7642FAForman Armaflex FRV Piping Insulation
7645Liquid Fuel System
7673Split Unit Heat Pump Systems
7680Mechanical Controls
7681Automatic Controls Mechanical
7687HVHometech Home Ventilation System
7695Mechanical Commissioning
7701Electrical Basic
7701PCPDL & Clipsal Electrical
7702Electrical Standard
7703Mechanical Electrical
7707Electrical - Common Requirements
7711Primary Power Supply
7716Power Generation - Engine Driven
7717Photovoltaic Power System
7722General Power Distribution
7727Power Factor Correction
7732Uninterruptible Power Supply
7743Emergency Evacuation Lighting
7761Electric Appliances
7765Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
7765EVEVlink Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions
7785Lightning Protection
Communications, Detection, Monitoring, Protection & Controls
7811Communications Cabling
7813Hearing Assistance - Loop System
7817Communications Cabling Residential
7835Access Control
7835ACAllegion Cisa Hotel Access Control
7835HAHafele Dialock Access Control
7836Intruder Detection Systems
7862Building Management Systems
7863SESchneider Home Control Systems
7910Lift - Low Speed or Platform
7938Safety Access Systems
7938APAPS Height Access Safety Systems
7938CSCamelspace Sayfa Fall Protection Systems
7938GMGoleman Fall Arrest System
7938MAMSA Latchways Fall Protection Systems
7938PBPBI Fall Protection Systems
7938THTotal Height Safety Fall Protection System
8 External
Landscape services
8511Irrigation System
8581Duct Work for Landscape Services
Civil engineering infrastructure
8682CPCSP Pacific Acoustic Barriers