Design Guidelines

by the NZ Construction Industry Council

The CIC Design Guidelines are recommended for use in all building projects, and are considered important in the overall development of a quality built environment. They are part of a suite of Guidelines and evolving good practice for the industry, as well as for clients and decision-makers.

From their original adoption in 2003 by the industry, the CIC Guidelines have become widely adopted and used, and now represent the single most cohesive interdisciplinary Guidelines available in New Zealand. They have been a well referenced and used resource across the construction industry for more than ten years.

The NEW CIC Guidelines sections are: 

0 CIC 2016 Preface-Preamble-Glossary
1 CIC 2016 Title page
2 CIC 2016 Project Establishment
3 CIC 2016 Concept Design
4 CIC 2016 Preliminary Design
5 CIC 2016 Developed Design
6 CIC 2016 Detailed Design
7 CIC 2016 Procurement
8 CIC 2016 Construction Administration Observation
9 CIC 2016 Post Completion

Download the NZ Construction Industry Council Design Guidelines from the CIC website.


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