PRODUCT-partners-imac-freebie-imgWith Masterspec specifications being used for around $9 Billion worth of building and construction every year, there's no better place to display your product and all your product's details directly to key decision makers.

Masterspec's Product Partner plans offer you multiple ways to list and present product detail directly to Architects, Engineers, Designers and Specifiers while they are specifying.

What's more, you can control your detail and your listings, adding links to drawings, installation and maintenance detail, technical data, colour ranges and environmental information. You can also add BRANZ appraisals or other compliance documentation.

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You Product Partner Options

Branded Work Sections

You become a Masterspec Product Partner when you have one or more Branded Work Sections on the Masterspec system. A Branded Work Section is a bespoke, product-specific section on Masterspec that is available 24/7 to specifiers to include in their specification. The branded section includes specific performance and specification data on your product and links to all the technical data you have available on your website.

Each Branded Work Section also qualifies you for up to 5 free Product Technical Statements on the miproducts Database. A Branded Work Section is the most effective way to have your product specified in a Masterspec specification.


As a Masterspec Product Partner you gain exclusive access to the PartnerNet online dashboard. Here you can track the performance of all your product listings, PTS's and Branded sections with live data drawn from both the Masterspec and miproducts systems.

Product Technical Statements

A product technical statement is an comprehensive listing on the miproducts system, allowing much more data and links to be added, and subsequently sourced and displayed on the Masterspec system. The step-by-step creation process of a Product Technical Statement is designed to establish your product's performance to the New Zealand Building Code. Your PTS can be added to a specification in Masterspec with a single click of the mouse. You must sign up for a Supplier Account to upload products, or you must be a Masterspec Product Partner.

miproducts Free Product Listing

The Masterspec system links to and sources product data from the miproducts National Product Database. Basic listings on miproducts are free and there are no limits to the number of products you can list. You must have signed up for a Supplier Account to upload products.