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Masterspec is the leading provider of specifications for the building industry in New Zealand. With a network of over 1900 companies, including architects, engineers, landscape designers, and other specifiers, our platform ensures that your products take center stage during the design process. By partnering with Masterspec, your products gain maximum exposure and consideration, positioning them as top choices for construction projects.

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Do you want to measure and track your results?


Masterspec empowers you with valuable reporting tools, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding planning, marketing, and investments. Our comprehensive reporting capabilities provide you with valuable insights to support your sales teams and drive business growth. With Masterspec, you have the data and analytics needed to strategically position your products, identify market trends, and seize new opportunities.

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Unlock the power of collaboration with design professionals as they craft their specifications. Masterspec enables seamless connection, allowing you to provide invaluable input and assistance throughout the specification process. Share your wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, ensuring that your products are accurately specified and optimized for success. By actively engaging with specifiers, you can forge strong relationships, enhance your brand reputation, and position your offerings as the go-to solutions in the industry.

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Use our expert team to structure your specification content.


Streamline your technical document management with Masterspec's expertise. Leave the burden of interpretation and formatting to us as we meticulously categorize and structure your materials to align with the latest industry-accepted specification standards. Our comprehensive services ensure that your documents are primed for seamless integration into the New Zealand construction industry. Trust in our precision and attention to detail, allowing you to focus on what you do best while we optimize your specifications for maximum impact and efficiency.

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What our partners have to say

"From start to finish, the team at Masterspec exhibited the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail throughout the process. Their deep understanding of the construction industry and knowledge of building codes and regulations allowed them to represent ACMF's products into their database." Read more


- Marius Koen
Department Head
ACM Fabricators Ltd



“The Masterspec technical team have been very professional, showing a high level of understanding of the building code and systems. They have also shown a great level of patience as we all meticulously went through the specification making amendments to ensure that the document was of the highest quality.” Read more


- Adam Jackson
General Manager
Allproof Industries



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