Masterspec provides essential building blocks for efficient project specifications

Save time & money

Save time and money by creating a master template for similar project specifications

Accuracy & consistency

Improve the accuracy and consistency of your specifications

Minimise & mitigate risks

Mitigate risk of errors and omissions in your specs with up to date standards

Ease in collaboration

Collaborate more effectively with your team members and you product suppliers

How it works

During your trial, you'll unlock almost all of our features, including the mDocs Technical library and the Basic library's work sections. This means you can swiftly master the Masterspec platform and create specifications within minutes.

Here are some things to note about your trial:
  • You can create as many specifications as you want. When you're ready to upgrade to paid service, you'll be able to export these onto your computer.
  • Your specification is private during your trial. This means you can begin collaborating through Work Section Support as soon as you purchase library access.
  • When your trial expires, you will no longer have access to your specifications until you upgrade to any of our paid library option.





Next steps

1. Create account

Create your trial account using a valid email address (preferably your work email)


2. Confirm your account

Click the validation link that comes through to your email to confirm your trial account

3. Login to begin

Click the orange button below or the login button found on the top right of our website to access your newly created trial account


Trial limitations

While you can use most features during a trial, you'll want to keep these limitations in mind:

  • You will not be able to export your specification until you upgrade to a paid service.
  • Work Section Support collaboration will not be accessible through the free trial.
  • You will have unlimited access to the Basic library only.

What happens when my trial ends?

You will receive a reminder email before your trial ends, giving you a chance to consider your next steps. You'll have a few options:

  • When you are ready to subscribe, simply upgrade to a paid service by choosing from our selection of eight libraries and the practice size.
  • You can upgrade at any time during your trial by selecting selecting 'Join Online'.
  • If your trial expires and you choose not to join Masterspec, your specifications will be deleted.

Hear what our subscribers have to say

“Masterpec is an invaluable tool for us, especially for the complex projects that we are involved with. The software is easy to use and gives us confidence that the information we provide is accurate and up to date, which ultimately leads to a smooth and efficient project delivery.” Read more

- Lee Turner Director/Head Architectural Designer, Turner Road Architecture Limited

"At X Studio Architects, we've found Masterspec to be a reliable partner in mitigating risks. The ease with which we can replicate specs across projects is a real time-saver, and it's all at an amazing price point." Read more

- Owen Xing Director/Registered Architect, X Studio Ltd

"The integration of Masterspec with the CAD software goes a long way towards reducing that error rate. I can update a keynote for example and know with confidence that every single keynote across all the documentation is picked up instantaneously. That saves time hunting them all down. That ensures there is no errors tucked away on some sheet that we have forgotten to check or just missed.

This is why Masterspec is our preferred specification software." Read more

- Michael Pepper Managing Director, Pepper Architects

Small firm, big dreams?

See the difference a large-firm tool can make for your practice. Sign up for your FREE Masterspec trial and unlock efficiency by cutting spec writing time, reducing risk of errors, and working smart. 




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