Masterspec Libraries.

Masterspec's eight dedicated libraries allow you to specify almost any construction or engineering project, from the smallest to the largest scale and budget.


Masterspec libraries are genre-specific collections chosen from our complete database of over 1200 sections. Suitable for Architect and Engineers, Landscapers and Interior Designers, the libraries are structured in consultation with experienced industry professionals to meet your specification needs.

The Masterspec Libraries are


  • STANDARD - Suitable for specifying the largest and most complex construction projects
  • BASIC - Perfect for most smaller or simpler residential and commercial projects
  • MINOR Residential - Enables you to specify almost all renovations and smaller residential additions


  • STRUCTURAL & CIVIL - Covers specification of engineering from construction to large scale civil projects
  • SCNZ STRUCTURAL STEEL – Specialist Structural Steelwork content for engineers to use on projects of all sizes
  • SERVICES - Suitable for the specification of all building services and safety processes


  • LANDSCAPES - A specialist library suitable for small-scale residential up to large Civil projects


  • INTERIORS - Another focused library especially suitable for commercial interiors projects



The library structure.

Masterspec libraries are structures along the Co-ordinated Building Information (CBI) system that Masterspec administers for the construction industry. CBI co-ordinates the five main information sources: drawings; specifications; quantities; technical and research information; trade information and publications. CBI also takes account of the local construction industry's customs and practices, is numeric and can operate at up to four levels.

Every library is divided into 8 classes representing the fundamental subdivisions of the building industry. These are:

Level 1 General Level 2 Site
Level 3 Structure Level 4 Enclosure
Level 5 Interior Level 6 Finish
Level 7 Services Level 8 External


More features of the Masterspec Libraries.


Designed by experts.

Masterspec libraries of work sections are written by industry experts specifically for the New Zealand construction environment. Sections are often reviewed by leading consultants in specialist fields.

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Monthly Updates.

Work sections are reviewed and changes published on the 1st of the month. The Masterspec system notifies you when any section you have added to a project is changed.


Generic & Branded options.

There are both generic and branded work sections for the majority of the various items of work, providing the option of using brand specific sections with applicable product detail included.



CBI Control.

The structure of all specifications follows the Co-ordinated Building Information system, with clauses appearing under 4 division headings: GENERAL, PRODUCTS, EXECUTION and SELECTIONS.


Q&A Pre-Editing.

All work sections in the Masterspec libraries* include a Q&A function, developed with industry or manufacturer input, to guide the user in pre-editing the section.
*Q&A not available in Minor Residential.

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Correct Codes & Standards.

All sections carefully reference the applicable parts of the NZ Building Code, correct NZ Standards and reflect current industry Codes of Practice.

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