Fact sheet: Masterspec branded specification sections
What is Masterspec?

A series of tailored master specification systems, used by an increasing number of New Zealand construction specifiers.

Systems include:

Masterspec Standard (commercial & industrial projects)

Masterspec Structural & Civil (engineering related)

Masterspec Services (building services)

• Masterspec Landscapes (landscape projects)

Masterspec Basic (residential projects)

Masterspec Interiors (interior projects)


To see how Masterspec works:

Who is using Masterspec?

Masterspec has a subscriber base of over 1200 offices, this is made up from a number of designer categories.

What are 'branded sections'?

Branded sections are fully customised Masterspec sections which include branded products, their relevant installation/application details and related documentation references. The section structure is based on the generic Masterspec section format. Once prepared, branded sections become an integral part of relevant Masterspec specification systems.

What branded sections do I need?

This depends on the 'product subjects' covered. A product subject is a single material or system, such as metal roofing, ceramic tiling, carpeting.

What are the costs?

The cost of branded sections is based on the number of 'product subjects' involved starting at $7,000 + GST pa, plus a one off writing fee of $1,000 + GST. We will be working with you on determining which 'product subjects' are involved and then provide you with a firm cost.

How do I proceed?

To proceed with branded sections you will need to complete a service agreement. Our technical editor will then contact you to discuss the technical information requirements to prepare the branded sections. 'Weblinks' and a logo branding option will also be offered to further enhance your marketing effort to specifiers.

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