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Allproof Industries is a successful New Zealand family owned manufacturing, marketing and distribution company, specialising in plumbing, drainage systems and fire protection products. With over 30 years of experience, the Allproof team pride themselves on high levels of communication, ensuring designers andtradespeople alike get the best in innovative and quality products when they need them.

This commitment to service and communication was the driving force behind their adoption of Masterspec’s Product Partner programme, publishing branded specification work sections for products on the Masterspec specification system.

“We received a lot of requests from the market asking for us to make our products available on Masterspec” says Allproof’s Adam Jackson, General Manager. “Prior to Masterspec we would submit product and install drawings with supporting imagery and literature around building code for specific jobs. This process was very time consuming and relied heavily on networking.”

Allproof were attracted to the wide market reach of the Masterspec NG2 specification systems. Masterspec caters for the vast majority of projects for the designer community, allowing them to accurately specify the right products for the project. Architects can pre-edit their work with the system’s Q&A function and access content with up-to-date codes, standards and product installation information for the majority of project specific situations.

“Now we have the ability to focus our sales resource on more complex scenarios while Masterspec delivers quality information for a wider audience across the entire country”.

Masterspec’s Product Partner writing process also gave the company the ability to closely control the work section content. “The Masterspec technical team have been very professional, showing a high level of understanding of the building code and systems. They have also shown a great level of patience as we all meticulously went through the specification making amendments to ensure that the document was of the highest quality” says Adam Jackson.

That quality reflects the Allproof product and service philosophy. “Here at Allproof we pride ourselves on being able to solve problems, providing the latest solutions to issues faced on site everyday. We have already started receiving jobs from Masterspec specifications and the response from the market has been very positive.”

For more information on the Masterspec Product Partner programme and how it can both reduce your risk and help your market relationship with specifiers, contact Mark Fairbairn on

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