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Latest Installers for MK4 2025

Release Number 2025.08.07.2024


.EXE Installer

.MSI Installer

MK4 for Revit 2025 (.EXE)

MK4 for Revit 2025 (.MSI)

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Installers for MK3 2024

Release Number 2023.05.19.2024


.EXE Installer

.MSI Installer

MK3 for Revit 2024 (.EXE)

MK3 for Revit 2024 (.MSI)

Installers for MK3 2023

Release Number 2023.04.16.2023


.EXE Installer

.MSI Installer

MK3 for Revit 2023 (.EXE)

MK3 for Revit 2023 (.MSI)

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Installers for MK2

Release Number 2022.03.31.99


.EXE Installer

.MSI Installer

MK2 for Revit 2022 (.EXE)

MK2 for Revit 2022 (.MSI)

MK2 for Revit 2021 (.EXE)

MK2 for Revit 2021 (.MSI)



Release Number 2021.09.17.99


.EXE Installer

.MSI Installer

MK2 for Revit 2020 (.EXE)

MK2 for Revit 2020 (.MSI)

MK2 for Revit 2019 (.EXE)

MK2 for Revit 2019 (.MSI)

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N.B. Please ensure all users within your organisation have the same build number when working on a workshare project.

Understanding .EXE and .MSI Installers

MasterKey provides two installation options for Revit: an executable file (.EXE) and a Windows Installer file (.MSI). Here's a breakdown of each format and how to choose the best one for your needs:

.EXE Installer (Executable File):

  • A self-contained file that includes the program code, resources, and instructions needed for installation. When you run the .EXE, it automatically extracts and installs the program on your system.

.MSI Installer (Windows Installer File):

  • A Microsoft standard format for installing software. Contains information about the program files, registry entries, and configuration settings. Requires the Windows Installer service to be running on the system.

Choosing the Right Installer for your practice

Here's a guide to help you decide which MasterKey installer to download:

For Individual Users:

  • If you are a single user installing MasterKey on your own computer, the .EXE installer is the easiest and most convenient option.

For Larger Organisations with Multiple Users and/or IT Departments:

  • If you are part of an organisation with centralised software deployment, consult your IT department. They might have specific requirements for software installations and might prefer the .MSI installer for easier integration with their deployment tools.

Additional Considerations:

  • System Requirements: Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements listed for MasterKey, regardless of the installer you choose.
  • Security: Always download MasterKey installers from the official Masterspec website to ensure authenticity and security.

In summary, both .EXE and .MSI installers allow you to install MasterKey for Revit. Choose the format that best suits your practice needs and your organisation's software management policies.