Subscription options

Masterspec subscription costs are based on the number of specifiers and practice offices using Masterspec. Use the tool below to calculate your set-up fee and annual subscription costs.

MasterKey subscription costs are based on a similar set-up fee/ongoing maintenance fee structure.Add MasterKey to your subscription by checking the MasterKey Box - the subscription will be added to your total subscriber fee.

Standards Online subscriptions are also calculated on a User Seats/Offices basis, and can be added when organising your subscription or at any time to an existing subscription.

You have the option of paying in an annual lump sum or by monthly Direct Debit.


There are a number of subscription options available for the suite of Masterspec products. Depending on your needs you may need one or more products, however package fees are usually combined into a single monthly* payment.

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Your personal Masterspec User Account.

Whether you are a Subscriber or user you will require a personal Masterspec User account. This is your unique ID in the Masterspec System that allows us to increasingly provide a personalised experience.

Sign up for your User Account


Your User Account can be attached to one or more practice Masterspec Subscriptions, however you can only be associated with any one subscription at a time.

Purchase a Masterspec Subscription

As a practice you will need to purchase a Masterspec subscription to use the Masterspec specifications system. This will involve signing up for one or more Masterspec Libraries that best suit your Practice workload.

Subscription fees

Masterspec subscriptions are subject to the payment of:

  • A one-off Entrance Fee, due for payment with the subscription agreement.
  • An annual subscription, payable either as a pre-paid lump sum, or by monthly Direct Debit.

The subscription is based on the total of:

  • The number of practice principals, managers or owners.
  • The number of design and documentation staff (permanent, part-time, or on contract) at the time of application and then annually, regardless of where they are located.

Note that it is the subscriber's responsibility to inform Masterspec of any changes to staffing that might affect subscription levels.

Once your practice subscription has been set up you can associate User Accounts with the subscription to start specifying.


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Add a MasterKey subscription

MasterKey links your Masterspec specification to your ArchiCAD or Revit project, drawing information from the Part 4 SELECTIONS tab of your work section and creating applicable keynotes in your project.

As you change selections in your specification MasterKey allows you to automatically update the corresponding keynote wherever it appears throughout the drawing set.

Using Branded Sections in your specification means you can create brand-specific keynotes across your project.

As MasterKey must interact with the Masterspec database, MasterKey can only be added to an existing Masterspec subscription*.



*Masterspec Basic or above - will not work with Masterspec Minor or on Masterspec Link