CIC Guidelines

Construction Industry Council Design Documentation Guidelines

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The Design Documentation Guidelines (DDG) have been formatted by Masterspec on behalf of the Construction Industry Council (CIC). The CIC is the peak industry body for the building industry in New Zealand; drawing its membership from most major trade organisations, professional institutions, training organisations and research bodies that operate in the industry.

Purpose of the guidelines is to help consultants define design responsibilities and the scope of design service, help provide a "level playing field" in achieving appropriate remuneration and providing a quality assurance reference for users.

Further details on the guidelines is set out in the preamble within the DDG introduction booklet.

The resource consists of the following documents:

  1. DDG introduction booklet
  2. Architecture tables
  3. Electrical ancillary services tables
  4. Electrical services tables
  5. Fire engineering tables
  6. Fire protection tables
  7. HVAC services tables
  8. Hydraulic service tables
  9. Structural tables
  10. Sample coordination checklist
  11. Interior Architecture


Downloading and use of this resource is subject to the following terms and conditions:

The user acknowledges that:

  • The copyright of the original documents remain with the Construction Industry Council
  • If the original text is changed in any way - by addition or subtraction - all reference to CIC copyright and ownership will be removed.

NOTE: LATEST RELEASE - 11  Guidelines for Interior Architecture

Download the NZ Construction Industry Council Design Guidelines from the CIC website.