The architectural specification system for commercial, industrial and larger residential projects.

Our most detailed library.

Masterspec Standard is suitable for designers of large, technically complex residential, commercial & industrial projects.

Our most comprehensive and detailed architectural library, Masterspec Standard includes over 900 technical work sections.

Masterspec Standard also includes over 690 branded sections from leading New Zealand and international manufacturers and suppliers with custom Q&A's and product-specific specification guide notes.

Combined with the smart tools of the Masterspec platform, such as Office Masters and One-Click updates, Masterspec Standard is the ultimate specification tool for any practice.

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Over 690 Manufacturers' Branded Sections covering the full construction process - from foundations to framing to enclosure to finishing inside and out, the list is comprehensive and growing daily. Every section features manufacturer-approved product technical data and Help notes.

Over 900 Sections in total*, including 19 General sections, 200 Technical sections and 690 Manufacturers' Branded sections.

Always up to date - content reviews & updates are triggered by changes to legislation, standards, industry codes of practice or by the availability of new materials/processes. Updates are published monthly.

Easy to use - our web-based platform allows quick, intuitive & easy specification creation for your project, find out more about the specification workspace.

The structure of Standard follows CBI and clauses appear under General, Products, Execution and Selections division headings. We use the legal-decimal numbering system with the same structure across all work sections.

Support when you need it - the Work Section Support function allows you to contact the supplier of a Masterspec branded work section and request their assistance. This will assist you in making accurate, product specific specifications. 

Choose specific products from our miproducts National Product Database to use in your specification.

Easily reference relevant NZ Standards in your specification documents.


Tie your CAD drawings to your specification with the MasterKey keynoting tool.


Contact us with any questions during normal business hours.

Masterspec provide Technical Specification writing workshops, check our current training schedule for more detail.

Our industry experts regularly publish articles looking at industry issues and innovation. Browse our Technical Reference library for more.

*Correct as at 13th March 2019



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