NZCIC Guidelines Responsibilities Schedule

NZCIC & Construction Sector Accord Partner with Masterspec to Digitise the NZCIC Guidelines

Digitalised NZCIC Guidelines

Digitalised NZCIC Guidelines

Masterspec collaborates with the New Zealand Construction Industry Council (NZCIC) and the Construction Sector Accord to digitise the NZCIC guidelines. This digitisation is now integrated into our platform, enhancing accessibility and ease of use for the construction sector.

The latest version of the NZCIC guidelines includes significant updates to align with current industry practices. Key focus areas include the latest Fire Requirements for Facades, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Safety by Design, and Sustainability. These updates ensure the guidelines remain relevant to our evolving construction industry. The digital version of the guidelines is now available, providing the entire industry easy access to this invaluable resource on our Masterspec platform.

This industry collaboration aims to provide a digital version that is easily accessible to anyone in the construction sector. The release uses the existing Masterspec baseline functionality, so existing users will be familiar with the interface and functionality of the new digital version of the CIC guidelines. Now, you can have the CIC Guidelines and your specifications in the same project for ease of use and reference.

This effort by Masterspec, NZCIC, and the Construction Sector Accord provides a significant leap forward in delivering guidelines in New Zealand. The latest content updates ensure a clearly defined design and construction process, improving project outcomes and the entire New Zealand built environment. Masterspec is proud to contribute to this industry partnership, using our resources and digital expertise to deliver this content. This contribution is part of our commitment to fostering better construction practices throughout New Zealand.

These Guidelines, prepared by the Construction Information Council, serve to:

  • Clearly define and communicate the responsibilities and deliverables of all parties involved in a project through all stages.
  • Outline the scope of services various parties provide to the Client.
  • Detail the interactions and coordination required between all parties.

Formerly a static PDF document called the CIC Guidelines, the new NZCIC Guidelines Responsibilities Schedule has been transformed into a dynamic online tool, accessible at no cost, specifically tailored for the New Zealand construction industry. This cloud-based platform fosters seamless real-time collaboration among multiple parties, simplifying how construction projects are managed and executed.

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