Minor Residential

The ideal specification system for simple residential projects.

Top quality specifications with a competitive advantage.

Masterspec Minor Residential is designed to produce simpler, yet high quality, specifications for construction projects that do not warrant the complexity of our Standard or Basic libraries.

Ideal for almost any small residential renovation or construction project, such as a garage or extension, Minor has fewer sections with broader content, however still covers every step of the construction process. As with all Masterspec Libraries Minor is kept up to date with updates published on a monthly basis.

Minor retains most technical features of the full Masterspec platform such as Q&A's to pre-filter your sections.

Choosing between the Basic and Minor library? Watch this comparison video to decide which library suits your projects needs. 


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Due to its less complex structure the Masterspec Minor Residential Library does not contain any Manufacturer Branded sections, however you can upgrade to Masterspec Basic from just $21.25 plus GST per month.

40 Sections in total*, including 8 General sections and 32 Technical sections.

Always up to date - content reviews & updates are triggered by changes to legislation, standards, industry codes of practice or by the availability of new materials/processes. Updates are published monthly.

Easy to use - our web-based platform allows quick, intuitive & easy specification creation for your project, find out more about the specification workspace.

The structure of Minor Residential follows CBI and clauses appear under General, Products, Execution and Selections division headings. We use the legal-decimal numbering system with the same structure across all work sections.


Choose specific products from our miproducts National Product Database to use in your specification.


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Masterspec provide Technical Specification writing workshops, check our current training schedule for more detail.

Our industry experts regularly publish articles looking at industry issues and innovation. Browse our Technical Reference library for more.

*Correct as at 17th November 2020.



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