The Specification Workspace.

Create specification documents easily with all the tools & features you need.

The Masterspec workspace is where you create and manage projects, add, edit and update specification sections for output, create and save Office Masters and and add all necessary supporting material to build a complete, finished specification document for your project.

The Workspace is split into four main parts:

  • the project overview and specification section list
  • the editing and updating panel - here you add, edit, update and organise attachments of technical and further information
  • the Masterspec Libraries and Office Masters panel
  • the Product Data interface, which intuitively offers up product information depending on the topic of the work section you are using

You can control the management of all projects, set output preferences, run the Update Manager across any work section and attach manufacturer information directly from the interactive product data interface.



The Specification Workspace.

We have created full documentation and a series of videos to explain how the Masterspec system works - from signing up, to starting a project to finishing and outputting, all the information and special hints on getting the best from your system. Go here for online training or check out our training videos.


More features of the specification workspace.


Q & A tool.

When you add a section to your specification, you run a simple Q&A session to tailor the information you need, with only the products you want. This can dramatically reduce the size of your specification.

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Office Masters.

Create Office Masters, perfect for repeatable work, or to maintain your intellectual property and specification style.

Clone an exisiting specification or section at any time to speed up your writing.


Regular updates.

Masterspec update & improve work sections across all libraries on a monthly basis.

You are automatically notified of any updates when you open a project. Run the Update Manager, compare changes, and accept or reject them.

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Document control.

Upload and add further documentation to your specifications, either as part of the appendix, or as additional material.

Sorting and uploading data is simple, including one-click adding of a manufacturer PTS, where available.

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Branded sections.

Collaborate directly with manufacturers through Work Section Support.

Branded work sections are written by our editors in conjunction with the manufacturer.

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Working on a web-based platform means you can work on different parts of a specification document at the same time as your colleagues, even with the wider construction team.

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