Masterspec Subscriptions

Which system will suit me?

Use the comparison tool to compare the different Library features and benefits and create a bespoke package perfect for all your specification needs

How do I subscribe to Masterspec?

Fill out the subscription form and email it to us. We will set up your subscription and get in touch

More information on Subscription Options

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes you can. Fill the subscription form and email it to us. Select the "Existing customer" option.

Tick the systems you already have and what you would like to upgrade to. It will show you the pricing for the systems you want.

Do I get a discount for more than one library?

Yes you do. Fill in the form here to see pricing for the systems selected.

How do you calculate how many Masterspec Users are in a practice?

This is the total number of design staff in your practice excluding marketing and reception staff.

How long is the minimum subscription period?

24 months. 

Can I pay monthly?

Yes you can.

Fill in the Direct Debit Authority form generated with your subscription agreement once you have filled in the details. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact us if you wish to cancel your subscription. You can send an email or call us. We would like to know the reason for cancellation as well.

Log in to Nextgen2

How to log in to NextGen2?

Click on the LOG IN button on the top right hand corner

What are my login details?

If you already have an account, username is your email address.

If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password? 

If you do not have an account, click on Create an Account and follow the instructions on the form presented to create an account for yourself.

Why can I not see any of my company projects?

Make sure your company subscribes to Masterspec.

If it is and your email address has been added as an accepted user, you can go to MY DETAILS -> My Subscription Access and click on Connect Now under Connections.

Why can I not see Connect Now?

Contact your organisation admin to see if you have been added as an accepted user.

You can contact Masterspec as well.

Changed to a different Employer or Company?

What do I do if I change employers or start working at another practice?

You will need to update your profile (as outlined in the 3 step process below) and associate yourself with your new employer. This retains all your personal information, but gets you connected with your new Subscriber organisation.

STEP 1. Login to your existing account

Do this by clicking on the link at the top right of your screen.

STEP 2. Change your email address/user name

Navigate to your 'My Profile' information, enter your new email address then click the Update button.

STEP 3. Connect with your new employer

Make sure your new company subscribes to Masterspec.

If it does and your email address has been added as an accepted user, you can go to MY DETAILS -> My Subscription Access and click on Connect Now under Connections.

If you cannot see the 'Connect Now' link, contact your organisation administrator or Masterspec for help.

Building a Specification Document

Where do I start?

The Projects tab. Once you are logged in and connected to your company, go to Projects -> Create a New Spec

How many Work Sections can I add?

As many as you need.

Where is my Specification stored, and why should I trust this?

Your document is stored on a server managed by Vocus, and international organisation that owns and manages multiple data centres throughout the world. The information is backed up daily to off-site locations using standard procedures.

If you are worried about losing information, then it is advised to use the Ms Word or PDF export options, and save a copy of your document on your own machine. Note that this is a one-way trip, and this file cannot be later re-imported to the online specification writing application.

How to add a work section from another specification that I created previously?

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Specification that you want to download the section into
  • From the right hand side, click on Office Projects under Masterspec
  • Click on the specification that you want to download the section from
  • Click on the section that you want to add to your current specification
  • The section will be added to your current specification and will appear in the contents (left-most) panel

Can I make a copy of my existing specification and build onto it?

Yes you can.

  • Go to Projects -> Create a New Specification
  • Fill in the details 
  • Under Create Specification from, select Clone an existing Specification Document
  • Select the specification you wish to clone from the drop-down
  • Click Add

Editing Content of a Specification Document

Why can't I see the contents panel?

If you are using a laptop or a PC with a small screen size, the contents (leftmost) panel will tuck in to give you ample space for the editing. You can access it by hovering the mouse on Work Sections on the top left hand side.

You can also resize your browser to show/hide all 4 panels:

  • Ctrl- will reduce the screen size. Press F5 to refresh.
  • CtrlØ will reset back to 100%


I have added the work sections into my specification. How do I edit them?

  • Click on the Projects Tab
  • Open the specification by clicking on the title of the specification
  • Click "Edit" next to the work section title in the Specifications Work Sections panel.
  • Alternatively, you can click "Edit" on the toolbar

How do I save my work?

Your work will be saved automatically. The save routine runs every few seconds when you are editing a section.

Why do I see an orange exclamation next to some of my work section titles?

This means that Masterspec has updated that section.

You can View changes and use the Update Manager to incorporate the changes into your section

I have run the Update Manager but why is the update alert still there?

It will go away once you set the work section to complete.

Office Masters

What is an Office Master?

An Office Master is your personalised Specification Document template, made up of one or more personalised Work Sections. These are made available for re-use in exactly the same manner that Masterspec Work Sections can be imported into your Specification Document.

When creating a new specification, you have the option of cloning an existing Office Master to start with.

How do I create an Office Master?

In almost exactly the same manner that you create a Specification Document. The primary difference is that you get to save away the Office Master in a special way that lets you select from its Work Sections when creating a new Specification Document. Use the main menu in the Work Section selector panel, to the right of the Editing panel.

Will I know if Masterspec have made any changes?

Yes. Whenever Masterspec have updated a Work section this is compared with your Office Master and a flag highlights that there is a more recent version. To deal with this click on the Office Master to edit it, and in the left panel you will see a list of the contained Work Sections, and those that are not current will have a special flag next to them alerting this fact.

Click on an affected Work Section to edit it. There will be a link at the top right of the edit panel that when clicked will pop-up a special window that lets you view the changes that were made, and to compare your Office Master with the latest Materspec Work section. Additions are in Yellow, Deletions in Red.

Updates can be applied in a couple of different ways, from manually editing each clause as you want, or clicking on the context menu (cog icon) to the right of each Clause Title and using the provided menu to Insert, Overwrite or Delete your entire Clause.


Why are there so many tables with dashed border?

When you export your specification after you have completed it, these tables will export as text with tabs.

  • If you want to export text as tab, put it in a borderless (dashed) table
  • If you wish to export tables with borders on, right click on the table, select Table Properties and select table-border from the drop down.


How can I add/delete rows/columns from a table?

Right click on the table and select the option you are after:

How can I adjust column width?

You can not. When you export the specification, the columns will be in the table will auto adjust according to the amount of text in the cells

Exporting the Specification

How do I export my specification?

You can export your specification at any point.

  • Click on the specification that you want to export
  • Click on export
  • Select your preferences 
  • Click on Export Now

How can I remove DRAFT on the cover page of my exported specification?

You need to set your specification to complete before exporting.

  • Click on the specification
  • Go to the Overview tab
  • under Current Status, click Set to Complete and click on Update

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