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Subscribing to MasterKey

The MasterKey service is provided on a subscription basis with a License Fee and an annual Maintenance Fee based on the size of your practice.

Please note to access MasterKey you must have a current practice subscription to Masterspec and each user must have a personal Masterspec user profile and password. If you do not have a Masterspec subscription you can go to the sign-up links at the bottom of this page.

*Masterspec Basic or above - will not work with Masterspec Minor or on Masterspec Link



License and Maintenance fees

Practice Size License Fee Maintenance Fee Monthly Option
1 - 5 $300 $135 pa $11.25
 6-10 $300 $180 pa $15.00 
11 - 30 $900 $405 pa $33.75
30+ By Quotation

Please note the above fees are ex GST and additional to any Masterspec system subscriptions.

The License Fee is based on the total of:

  • The number of practice principals, managers or owners; plus
  • The number of design and documentation staff (permanent, part-time, or on contract) at the time of application and then annually, regardless of where they are located

Note: It is the subscriber’s responsibility to inform Masterspec of any changes to staffing that might affect subscription levels.

Please note the above fees are ex GST and additional to any Masterspec system subscriptions.

MasterKey Subscription Process

  • Go to the Masterspec Subscription page
  • Select Existing Customer, fill in the systems you are currently subscribed to, add MasterKey to the "You'd like pricing for..." column, select the orange Subscribe button
  • Fill in your practice details, choose a lump sum or monthly payment option, then select Subscribe
  • The system will generate a new Masterspec Contract that includes your MasterKey Subscription
  • Return the signed agreement with your payment preferences by email to


Payment is accepted by cheque or direct debit. If you wish to pay by internet banking, please email for banking details. If paying monthly complete the direct debit authority, sign at the bottom before posting it to us.

Once payment is confirmed we will either email you the download link for the MasterKey Revit installer, or notify you when your subscription is activated on ArchiCAD.

Arrange a Masterspec subscription

Register your free Masterspec User account

Note: If you have an existing subscription paid monthly by automatic payment, you will need to cancel this with your bank before the new Direct Debit agreement commences.