Our Mission

Construction Information Limited's "reason-for-being" is to support and lead the New Zealand construction industry in the development of robust construction technology and processes, ensuring a world class, 'best-built' result for all projects large and small.

To enable this we have developed;

  • One of the most advanced, intuitive and 'smart' specifications tools in the world
  • a promise to continue to add and develop functionality to increase construction workflow and connectivity 
  • One of New Zealand's most comprehensive databases, the miproducts National Product Database, to connect data to specifiers via Masterspec
  • MasterKey, one of the first tools in the world to actively connect and generate keynotes for drawings across 3D Design programmes

Our mission is to deliver a best-in-class service every day while planning for the future. We want to ensure that new technology is created, tested and ready to implement when new trends in data connectivity emerge.

Masterspec is committed to increasing not only the quality and accessibility of construction documentation, but the ease in sourcing and connecting to an ever-widening international pool of construction data. As such we are leading the drive to establish and implement an international BIM Object Standard and other BIM related documentation.

As a fully industry-owned body, Masterspec is committed to remain at the forefront of, and invest heavily in, leading-edge digital technology. Our goal will always be to serve the New Zealand Construction Industry and the wider New Zealand economy.