BIM Tools and Technologies

Building Information Modelling is key to the success of New Zealand's construction industry future. As an industry-owned organisation Masterspec are at the forefront of developing systems that support the sharing of multiple forms of construction data on a single digital platform.

Masterspec's long term planning allows us to build for tomorrow while meeting the needs of the construction industry today. Currently we have three connectivity streams either actively operating or in advanced development.

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The International BIM Object Standard

MasterKey Specification Driven Keynoting

Masterspec's NextGen2 Operating platform.

The development of Masterspec's online specification system has been driven by the recognition that data connectivity will be vital to the efficient and successful use of BIM and other construction data. 

Based on a latest-technology SQL server, the system accesses not only its own database but other sources of useful information to help the specifier. These include:

  • New Zealand Standards via a Standards Online subscription
  • Office Masters and all current and previous practice specifications
  • Manufacturer's product information live from their website, including (optionally) drawings, technical data, maintenance information, environmental data, installation instructions and colour ranges
  • Manufacturer's Product Technical Statement - a single mouse click will draw this into the system and attach it to the contract documentation
  • A direct Contact form that automatically delivers a copy of the work section to the manufacturer
  • Over 980* pre-written work sections including hundreds of sections written in consultation with manufacturers that include specific product range detail and options.


As the adoption of BIM and other construction data progresses, Masterspec's goal is to continue to facilitate the connectivity of these sources for end users.

Learn more about the Masterspec workspace and Libraries.

International BIM Object Standard.


For the principle of BIM to be implemented successfully the data delivered bust be consistent in content and form - if BIM models deliver even the same data in different ways the it becomes impossible to successfully query the model.

Following a consultation process in 2014, Masterspec worked with their sister organisation NATSPEC in Australia . A workshop in April 2015, in Melbourne led to an agreement that the first step towards establishing National BIM Object Libraries would be to develop a joint Trans-Tasman BIM Object Standard.

To ensure that we align BIM practices internationally, it was decided that the existing United Kingdom NBS BIM Object Standard would be used as a starting point for the development of this standard.

An agreement was reached between NATSPEC, Masterspec, and the NBS (UK) to develop a core International BIM Object Standard that would be suitable for use within all three countries.

Draft Standard

This revised draft has been through initial industry reviews in the three countries and reflects feedback received.

Download a copy of the Standard for New Zealand here.


Please take time to review this document and provide your feedback. Your feedback will assist us in revising this document into a final draft for release.

Download a template for providing feedback.


Based on the initial feedback received to date we have developed the attached Guidance Notes. These further explain some of the clauses and in some cases the thinking behind it. Download it here.

MasterKey – specification driven keynoting.

MasterKey dynamically connects your Revit® or ArchiCAD® project with your Masterspec specification document by drawing correctly numbered keynotes directly from the Masterspec system into your project ready for use.


If you make a change to the selections in your specification MasterKey queries Masterspec, notes the change, and then gives you the option to update some or all of the matching keynotes throughout the drawing set with a single click of the mouse.

This connectivity will continue into MasterKey 2 with even greater control over keynoting from the Masterspec interface.

Find out more about MasterKey.