31 May 2018

Masterspec has reviewed the existing generic section 4282 SOLID PLASTER which covers (excuse the pun) exterior and interior plastering of solid substrates such as concrete, brick, concrete masonry, AAC panels and AAC blocks.

4282 SOLID PLASTER has always been an issue for those only wanting to specify interior solid plaster; it was located in the wrong place in the specification. To resolve this it has been split into two new sections; the first one with a new title 4282 EXTERIOR SOLID PLASTER and the second one, a new section entitled 5181 INTERIOR SOLID PLASTER

4282 EXTERIOR SOLID PLASTER focuses on cement based plaster systems with all references to gypsum plaster removed. A number of areas have been expanded to include, for example, a more detailed description of coating systems and corresponding plaster thickness requirements, finishing coat types and surface finishing options.  Health & safety requirements have been updated. A proprietary polymer modified cement based plaster render system has been added to provide an alternative to the standard cement based system. General formatting has also been updated.
Note: this section is not intended for stucco plaster work. Refer to 4281 STUCCO CLADDING for solid plaster cladding with a non-rigid and rigid backing on a cavity system.

5181 INTERIOR SOLID PLASTER's content is divided between cement based plaster systems and gypsum based plaster systems, with the format and the changes to the cement based plaster systems mirroring to a large extent that of the exterior section. A similar approach has been taken with the gypsum based plaster content.  Also, specialist finishing systems have been added which include polished plaster, flaked lime plasters, textured and bespoke plaster systems.
Note: gypsum based plaster systems are unsuitable for wet or high impact areas, etc.


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