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Terra Lana Products Ltd
A Masterspec Product Partner
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The following branded Work Sections are available for you to preview.
These branded section has been prepared by Construction Information Limited (Masterspec) in conjunction with the product manufacturer. The downloading and/or use of this section is subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. Users of this section shall rely solely on their own professional judgement and skill in determining the appropriateness of using or referring to this section and to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the data it contains.
2. Users acknowledge that neither Construction Information Limited nor the manufacturer of the products and systems described in the text are in any way liable in respect of any particular use or application of the material provided.
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Masterspec is the leading specification system in New Zealand’s construction industry used by over 1600 design practices. Masterspec provides detailed specification resources that can be easily modified to suit any project using our intuitive online platform.

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