Masterspec Specifications

New Zealand's most advanced online specifications system for every project size or complexity - create, edit, collaborate and share all from your desktop.


Built for the New Zealand construction industry, the powerful Masterspec system accesses expertly written, pre-formatted database libraries of specification clauses, using an advanced online interface to structure, edit, add support documentation and output to multiple formats.

Pick, choose, and customise to produce specification documents that are succinctdetailedrelevant, and up-to-date - sections are updated monthly and reference the latest Codes and Standards. 



The specification workspace.

Our web-based workspace consists of four main panels.

  • Project structure list
  • Project editing/updating panel
  • Masterspec libraries and office masters
  • Product sourced from the miproducts database


Automatically create Warranty, Shop Drawing, As Built Docs and Operation & Maintenance schedules as you work.

Easily reference relevant, up to date New Zealand Standards as you build.

Create bespoke specifications with Masterspec’s unique Q&A tools.

Receive automatic notices of updates, accept with the one-click Update Manager.

Write specifications collaboratively with your team, even outside your practice.

Create specifications unique to your practice with live-updated Office Masters.

Access manufacturer’s pre-prepared product technical data directly from the miproducts National Product Database, intuitively delivered as you add sections.


The specification libraries.

Masterspec specification libraries are available to suit a number of different design practices, project types, & project sizes.

Each library contains relevant work sections, classified according to the CBI standard, written in short & concise language.

Work sections are generic, but with the option to easily specify by brand. An extensive range of special branded sections are also provided.

Rest easy knowing your specifications are written by our industry experts, peer-reviewed, and updated monthly.

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Compare Masterspec libraries.

To compare the features of each library select the Compare button of two or more libraries and select the Compare button to the left.