partnernet-on-screen-imgPartnerNet is your online dashboard to control and track the performance of your Masterspec/miproducts product listings.

From your PartnerNet dashboard you can

  • Track the performance of your Branded Work Sections
  • Track views of Basic miproducts listings and your Product Technical Statements
  • Change/update what other product appears with a branded work section, and in what order
  • Review and edit the Q&A process for your Branded work section

To access your PartnerNet dashboard you must have a personal login and password - this will be the same password you set up in miproducts when you registered your Supplier Account.


To open your PartnerNet dashboard, login in to Masterspec at Enter the User Name and Password you were given when you arranged your Branded Work Section. From your Home Page select the Partners tab along the top panel and select Dashboard.

This brings you to your account's PartnerNet Dashboard. Here you can record and track the performance of your Branded work sections, mDocs technical documents and miproducts listings. You can also view your branded work sections, and access any pending specifier requests for Work Section Support, mDocs or miproducts queries. 

For more detail on the activity of your Branded Work Sections select the Branded Work Sections Chart. This will display Use of branded sections by:

  • 'ALL Sections' or individual section
  • Display monthly breakdowns current period against last
  • How many system Office Masters the work section is used in
  • How many practices use the section
  • The Practice location by Region
  • The Project location by region
  • The type of users specifying with your section
  • Which Masterspec Libraries were used to specify your product

Select miproducts connections from the navigation on the left - here you can control which products appear in the Masterspec Product column (column 4) to support each Branded work section. 

You can add and remove products, and sort the order in which they appear either manually or automatically.


By selecting the Q&A link you can review, edit and test-run the Q&A associated with each branded work section in your portfolio.



The next link opens the Versions window. This displays the record of versions of the work section with when and why they were changed.


The latter half of the navigation concerns the Reporting functions and downloads. The first link allows you to download a report of selected or all branded work sections. 


The system also allows you to generate reports and export data to your selection over a date range.


The system also allows you to generate reports on the usage of the Q&A. This helps you test and understand how specifiers are responding to your Q&A questions, and how you might better structure the information therein.


The second Q&A report shows you what product is being selected, when and which questions are relevant and when they are specified.

Q&A Reports can be by Product, by Date Range, and filtered by Click Count, % By All Answers and % By Question.


The final link contains code you can paste into your website to display various forms of the Masterspec Product Partner logo. Each logo has a "View Work Sections" link underneath.

This link opens a list of the branded work sections associated with your account and a Preview link to each. This preview will always be the latest and most up to date version of your work section, ensuring your product is correctly specified and quotes the latest Code and Standards.

As always it is up to you as the Branded Section owner to ensure the information in your section and the information that it links to (in the miproducts listing) is kept up to date.