Product Technical Statements

Clause 14G of the Building Act 2004 clarifies the responsibilities of Product Manufacturers and Suppliers to establish and document that their products meet the performance requirements of the Building Code. In response we have created the miproducts Product Technical Statement (PTS) to support you in the preparation of your documentation. 

A miproducts Product Technical Statement is an expanded product listing able to deliver comprehensive product information to the specifier via the Masterspec specification system. 

If you are an existing Masterspec Product Partner* you already qualify for five free Product Technical Statement (PTS) listings.

If you are new to Masterspec and miproducts you can create a Supplier account and create basic listings for every product in your range, all for free. You can also purchase PTS Listings outright (in groups of five, see the Pricing Schedule for more information).

If you need more than 20 PTS's then please contact Mark Fairbairn on 021 609 910 or email

You can create a PTS using our online PTS builder - log in to your miproducts account, on your Dashboard select Product Listings, select Add New Product.

This will open the Product Listing Screen. Select Product Technical Statement from the drop-down list. Complete all steps. You must have a signed PTS agreement with us before it will be published. To avoid spam your PTS will be reviewed and approved by the miproducts team before it is published.


Compared to a Basic Listing, a Product TechnicalStatement (PTS) has many more options available to connect Architects, Designers and specifiers with exactly the product detail they need when considering and correctly specifying your product.



The PTS product listing when selected in the Masterspec system. As you can see the PTS establishes and offers proof as to the product's ability to meet the performance criteria of the relevant sections of the New Zealand Building Code. It includes

  • An assessment of the level of assurance needed to demonstrate NZ Building Code Compliance
  • Confirmation that this level has been met or exceeded by the product
  • A Technical Statement, including scope of use, the clauses of the Building Code met by the product, evidence and supporting evidence
  • Product Criteria, including Installation Requirements
  • Company Product Information

On the second tab are all the links the client has set up to information on their website, including Technical data, Environmental Information, Installation Instructions, Maintenance and further Technical Data.

There are also links to Images and company contact details available on further tabs.

Remember as a Product Partner you are responsible for uploading correct and latest information and links for your products - we have found the more information you provide, and the more accurate it is, the higher the specification success rate.


Using the miproducts PTS tool also create a PTS document that you can attach to your specification appendix as part of the Manufacturer Information document to accompany the specification.

The attachment availability in the Masterspec system is indicated in the product listing by a PTS Icon on the initial listing search result.


and can be attached to the manufacturer's Information simply by clicking on the +Appendix graphic on the main listing detail window.