miproducts Standard Listings

Masterspec sources all its product information via the miproducts National Product Database, and Standard listings for all Manufacturer's products are free of charge.

To list your products on miproducts you'll need a free miproducts Supplier Account. With that you will have access to the miproducts system and upload tools.

Please note to avoid spam your listing will be reviewed and approved by the miproducts team before going live on the database.

Remember, Masterspec draws product information exclusively from miproducts and matches it to work sections as they are being written. This means exposure to over 6,000 registered Masterspec users while they are writing their specifications.

If you're not in miproducts, you're probably not in Masterspec.

Watch this short video on how to add your products to the miproducts National Product Database with a FREE product listing.

Your free miproducts listing appears in the Search results in miproducts and Masterspec, and is automatically displayed in the Masterspec system when a specifier is working on an applicable work section. The Standard listing includes:

  • Company logo and contact details
  • Link to your website
  • The product name
  • The product Description
  • An image
  • A link to product detail page

Your miproducts listing as it will appear in the Search results in miproducts.


Your free Standard product listing as it will appear in the Masterspec system. In this case, even though the section is a generic (non-branded) section, the system has identified the topic via the CBI number and drawn applicable products and detail into the specifier's desktop work space.


The same listing as it appears when selected in the Masterspec System. All the data and links are 'live' and can be updated by you on your miproducts dashboard.


If a specifier wishes to contact you about your product they need only select the Contact button - this will open a window that allows you to ask questions and give detail about the project to elicit more information from the manufacturer, including price requests and product availability/lead times.