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Are you a Masterspec Subscriber? Add Standards Online Library from only $195 + GST per year*

How to Access 

Subscribers access the Standards Online Masterspec Catalogue through the Masterspec system using their Masterspec subscriber login details. By clicking on a Standards reference link in your specification the Standard opens on the Standards New Zealand website.

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Masterspec have created a special Masterspec catalogue for Standards referenced in Masterspec and negotiated special subscription fees with Standards New Zealand for Masterspec subscribers.

You have 24/7 electronic online access to this portfolio of more than 800 construction related Standards.

The library is pre-set and cannot be personalised. However it is modified from time to time to reflect changes to the Standards referenced in Masterspec sections.



  • Easy 24/7 electronic access to Standards Online Masterspec Library
  • Affordable annual subscription fees*
  • Hardcopy printing⍆
  • Copy and paste option for including in building consent documents
  • Amendments automatically updated on the Standards website ensuring you are viewing the up to date version

* Fees based on number of qualifying staff ⍆ Limited to own use

What it Costs

  • 1-2 qualifying staff $195.00 plus GST per annum
  • 3-5 qualifying staff $345.00 plus GST per annum
  • 6-10 qualifying staff $445.00 plus GST per annum
  • 10+ qualifying staff - by quotation

For details on "qualifying staff" refer to the Masterspec Subscription Fee Schedule.

Above fees are additional to any Masterspec system subscriptions.

How to Subscribe

You must be a Masterspec user with a current subscription to access the Standards Online library. Go the Subscribe to Masterspec page, select Existing Customer, fill in your practice/staff details and your current Libraries you subscribe to, then select the Standards Online Library checkbox.

The system will generate a new contract including your new Standards Online subscription. Sign the contract, scan and email to, or alternatively mail the signed contract to Masterspec and we will contact you to arrange payment. If paying monthly include the completed and signed Direct Debit form that will download with your contract.

For organisations with 10+ qualifying staff, we will arrange for a quotation to be prepared by Standards New Zealand.

NOTE. This service is only available to Masterspec subscribers. Minimum subscription period is 24 months.