Technical Resources

Masterspec spend over 9,000 man-hours every year making over 12,000 changes to our work sections. Many of these are motivated by the many changes made to the New Zealand Building Code, International and New Zealand Construction Standards, Codes of Practice and manufacturer changes in technology and methods.

Below are links to as much of the really important Technical information and changes we have made to the Masterspec Master Specifications. Go to the download links for more information.

Resource Download
Our technical article library searchable by topic, date and CBI Code go-to-page-icon-img
Technical commentary videos by our Managing Editor Alex Shaw. These are mostly summaries of the important changes in specifications motivated by changes to construction standards and law go-to-page-icon-image
 Guide to writing specifications go-to-page-icon-image
An overview and detail of the CBI System and how it works, including a tool to work out the CBI number of any construction topic go-to-page-icon-image
Links to download copies of Masterspec NOTES, our monthly newsletter go-to-page-icon-image
Links to Masterspec branded work section product information go-to-page-icon-image
A searchable tool covering all updates to the Masterspec work sections in detail go-to-page-icon-image
Overview and guidance for the legacy Masterspec Link system go-to-page-icon-image

If you need any further information or have a technical question you can ring Masterspec during working hours on 09-631-7044 or email with any questions.


2016 | Editor Series

In this archived series from 2016, Masterspec's then Managing Editor, Alex Shaw, talks about the latest changes to specifications brought about by changes to NZ Building Codes, Standards, industry Codes of Practice and manufacturer technical advice.