Masterspec Resources

Masterspec is New Zealand's leading construction specifications and digital information sharing tool. While the technology is complex great effort has been made to ensure the tool is easy to use and integrates with your workflow.

Below are links to all the technical information regarding the Masterspec Online Libraries, the Masterspec FAQ's, our Online training modules, Masterspec How-To-videos and the complete downloadable Masterspec User Guide in .pdf format.

Masterspec Online Libraries
A complete overview of all Masterspec Libraries and the features and benefits of each
Masterspec FAQ's
Common questions and issues to help new and experienced users alike
Masterspec Online Training
Step by step modules taking you from setting up on the system to editing to outputting your specification
Masterspec Video Training Masterspec Video Training
Video modules with a step-by-step guide to most Masterspec tasks, from becoming a User to creating and outputting a specification.
Masterspec User Guide download
Complete Masterspec documentation in downloadable pdf format