miproducts Upload

If you are an existing miproducts Supplier you upload and manage all your products from your miproducts Supplier dashboard.

You will be taken to your dashboard whenever you Login to your account. When you log in it is recommended you check the 'Remember me next time' box.

login and create your new standard listing today

Watch this short video on how to add your products to the miproducts National Product Database with a FREE product listing.

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To create a new Standard product listing.

After logging in to your account select the Product Listings link in the navigation list to the left.

On the Manage Your Product Listings page, select the NEW PRODUCT button.


The system opens a pop-up window with the 3-step upload process.

In Step 1, select Standard Listing from the listing type dropdown.

Enter your Brand name and the Product name.

Enter a short product description to appear with the listing.

Add any extra keywords that may help clients find your product in the database. Select Save and Continue.


In Step 2 enter a full product description - you have up to 1,000 characters so this can be quite a detailed description. We recommend adding these as bullet points.

Name and add a URL for a link to your product.

Choose and upload an image of the product.  You can upload any JPG, GIF, PNG file to a maximum 4MB per file.

Select Save and Continue.


The final step is to review the information and data you have uploaded before publishing it onto the miproducts system. Review the listing by selecting Standard Product on the right hand side. The system will then show you a preview. Once you're satisfied, close this window, review the Terms and Conditions and select the Agree box. 

If all is well, select Confirm Listing.


The system confirms that your product has been uploaded to the miproducts database.

Please be aware the listing first goes to the Masterspec team for manual approval - this keeps spam to a minimum and acts as a check to ensure a high quality of product information is maintained.



To create a new Product Technical Statement.

miproducts provides a clear and descriptive way to showcase your product information in a more complex listing. A PTS allows you to:

  • Fully describe your product, it's features and it's benefits.
  • Add links to a multitude of data, references and file types.
  • Add information about how your product meets the performance requirements set out in New Zealand Building Code and Standards. 
  • Attaching proof and appraisals to support your claim.
  • Calculate the exact CBI number your product should be associated with - this allows the Masterspec system to accurately match products with the specification work sections.

Go here for a full guide to uploading the information for your PTS.