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When the Customers Come to You

Justin Earl imgJustin Earl - PBI Height Safety Limited

When developing the new Work Section Support tool in 2019, the Masterspec team were confident that it would be well received by both subscribers and Product Partners alike. Six months in, we decided to review the usage performance of the tool. It has proved to be a popular enhancement, however some were using it more successfully than others - a few, far more so.

One of these 'super-users' is Justin Earl, Project Consultant for PBI Height Safety Limited, a leader in the Height Safety Solutions industry. PBI specializes in specifying and installing Protection and Height Safety systems across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

"Because we have a large range of technical systems and products, most often a new design is required for each client and each project," said Justin. "Work Section Support makes it very simple for clients to contact us for a step by step guide and specification help".

"That way the specifier can carry on with the rest of their specification and leave this section to us. And the Masterspec system is easy to use - we can have a spec back to the specifier in 5 minutes - they might not need it for five hours or five days, but I always assume they want it in 5 minutes. This service builds our relationships – it means they come to trust our judgement as experts in our field".

"We prefer replacing entire sections for clients rather than commenting or editing. This practice ensures that we include all of the required components for the system and project, and no vital information is missed out. We want to ensure that there are no issues down the track with incorrect items for the design".

Justin sees Work Section Support as simple, straightforward and efficient for both parties and cites four clear and compelling benefits for PBI;

  • It builds and maintains a great relationship with new or existing clients
  • They know they're in expert hands so they can get on with the rest of their specification
  • No matter how complex the work sections are, it's easy to ensure the correct items are specified
  • It helps educate the architect and installers on the product and its uses.

As a bonus, Work Section Support often gives them an insight into upcoming projects.

Given the level of activity on the PBI account, their commitment to service is working out very well indeed.

To activate Work Section Support login to your Masterspec account and go to this link to watch the intro and set-up video, or for any problems call the Masterspec help desk on 09 631 7044.

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