Introduction to MasterKey for ArchiCAD

Masterspec’s new MasterKey Keynote systems combines ArchiCAD Keynotes with the power and ingenuity of the Masterspec platform. Now for the first time anywhere MasterKey dynamically connects your ArchiCAD project* with your Masterspec specification document, drawing correctly numbered keynotes from the Selections area of your Masterspec sections directly into your ArchiCAD project.

Once you assign the MasterKey keynotes, any changes made to your specification selections can be updated into your project keynotes. The update can apply wherever that keynote occurs throughout the entire drawing set.

Once the practice subscription is confirmed and your name added as a MasterKey user in the system, MasterKey for ArchiCAD is enabled in the background and automatically appears as an option in your Palettes menu. After logging in with your Masterspec personal user details, MasterKey allows full keynotes functionality, including custom keynote creation and editing, access to your practice specifications, and custom keynote creation and editing.

Follow the links below for instructions on enabling MasterKey in ArchiCAD, linking your specifications to your projects and much more.

*MasterKey is available for ArchiCAD 18 and above.

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