The miproducts National Product Database is a free* database service designed to allow Product Manufacturers and Distributors to showcase their products to the construction industry and wider audiences.

It is also where the Masterspec system sources and links to product details, drawing them into the system as specifications are being prepared.


Being 100% owned by Construction Information Limited (the owner of Masterspec), itself an industry-owned company, miproducts is totally impartial, not connected to or promoting any one brand over another.

There are two types of listing you can have on the miproducts database

  1. Standard product listing. Any recognised manufacturer or importer/distributor can register for a miproducts Supplier Account and upload each product in their range to the database. Once accepted and assigned a CBI Number, the published product is immediately available to specifiers on the Masterspec system.
    There is no limit to the number of products you can upload to the miproducts database.
  2. Product Technical Statement (PTS). These are advanced paid listings where you can add considerably more detail and links to your listing, plus you can create a Product Technical Statement document designed to establish that the product's performance meets or exceeds that demanded by the applicable section of the Building Code. A PTS can be added with a single click to the Manufacturers' Information in a Masterspec Specification.

To upload your products or purchase a PTS you must first register for a free Supplier Account.

Find out more about PTS Costs - go to the miproducts Pricing Schedule.

*miproducts Standard product listings are free.