MasterKey for Revit - Creating Custom Keynotes

MasterKey allows you to retain any keynotes you may already have placed in your Revit project and create Custom Keynotes that may not be part of your specification.

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Create custom keynotes - click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

With the MasterKey palette open you will see a tree node of Masterspec Keynotes …. there is also a node named Custom Keynotes.

When you first link your Revit project to the Masterspec NextGen2 servers, instead of deleting the Keynotes you previously had, the system copies them all into the Custom Keynotes section, and then puts the Masterspec Clauses into the Masterspec Keynotes section.


With Custom Keynotes you can add, edit, delete and import existing Keynote text files within Revit.

To delete a Custom Keynote, select the Keynote or Keynotes required and select the DELETE button on the MasterKey Keynote Manager Task Bar.


The system will show a popup asking you if you want to delete all the Keynotes and sub Keynotes as shown – if you are sure select YES.


To Add a Custom Keynote click on the Add a Keynote symbol.


You must now assign a Keynote number and description.

Revit expects each Keynote number to be unique, so if you choose a number that’s already been used you’ll get a red error message.


Give your Keynote a unique number, then add a name for the Keynote.

The Keynote location can be set the same as the selected Keynote, the level above or the level below the Keynote.

Select OK.


You can Edit Keynotes by selecting a Keynote, clicking on the Edit Keynote Button, editing the keynote and selecting OK.


You can also Import a Custom Keynote file. MasterKey uses the standard text file format.

Select the Custom Keynote primary node

Right click.

Select Import Custom Keynote File


Navigate and find the text file you want ….. select the file ….. select OK and the file will be imported and show in the Custom Keynotes tree.


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