03 Apr 2018

Masterspec have a new generic section 4384 DECK SUPPORT SYSTEM (available in Standard, Landscapes and Basic) that allows for the supply and installation of proprietary adjustable deck support systems for floating, deck and paved patio applications.

It includes:
support systems for self supporting natural stone/concrete pavers
support systems for self supporting tiles
support systems for non self supporting tiles/natural stone on structural underlay
support systems for timber plank and composite decking systems

Self supporting (sometimes called "structural") tiles/stone/pavers are those individually structurally suitable to span between the deck supports.  Support usually occurs at the corners of the tile, and for some systems there is an additional centre support.

Non-self supporting (sometimes called "non-structural") tiles/stone/pavers are those that cannot individually span between the deck supports and need additional support, which is usually in the form of a structural fibre cement panel underlay cut to the module.

It is important to know what structural loadings are expected and should be allowed for, and what the structural capacity of the tiles/stone/pavers are.  Are they self-supporting with corner deck supports, with or without centre supports, or are they non-self supporting?


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