24 May 2018

Masterspec's NextGen2 software provides the ability to connect teams across the industry through the design process. With more consultants using Masterspec specification and keynoting tools, the standardisation of documentation provides for improved efficiency across the entire construction sector. Masterspec welcomes the latest engineering practices that have recently have joined Masterspec: NDY (Norman Disney Young), WPS Opus and Chapman Consulting.

Using the Masterspec toolset across consulting teams provides a project with up to date content and a consistent specification format. The basis of the coordination is the CBI platform (Coordinated Building Information) which provides for categorisation of the projects products in construction order. Up to date, consistently formatted documentation in construction order makes it easier for the constructor. 

Masterspec’s Document Control System and Editor Notes allow writers to notify the wider team of changes at clause level – everyone works on the same set of information. And the Update Manager function allows the specification to incorporate the latest changes to NZ Building Code and Standards – the whole team ‘march to the same beat’.

Masterspec's IT development program in the online space will continue to grow the software as a collaborative system into the age of BIM and beyond. As more Engineering Consultancies come on board, the adoption of Masterspec is set to become construction 'best practice' across consulting teams.


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