29 Nov 2017

Three Standards related to reconstituted wood-based panels have all been updated with new 2017 versions replacing the old 2004 versions.  These are:

AS/NZS 1859.1:2017 - Reconstituted wood-based panels - Specifications - Particleboard
This standard specifies the performance requirements for the manufacture and application of particleboard, for use under service conditions - dry (STD), moisture resistant (MR).  It excludes particle board for flooring.
Changes include:

  • the addition of "strands" as an acceptable ingredient of particle board
  • the deletion of High Performance (HP) particle board
  • reduction of Formaldehyde emissions (Desiccator values) with the deletion of classification E2 ( ≤ 4.5 mg/L) and the addition of SEO (super EO, ≤ 0.3 mg/L)

Note: AS/NZS 1859.1:2002 is incorrectly cited in NZBC SH/AS1 for particle board floors, so is not relevant as an Acceptable Solution.

AS/NZS 1859.2:2017 - Reconstituted wood-based panels - Specifications - Dry process fibreboard

This standard specifies the product requirements for three types of dry process fibreboards - ultra-low density (UDF), low density (LDF), medium density (MDF) - for use under service conditions - dry (STD), moisture resistant (MR) and high performance (HP).
Like part 1, there is the same reduction of Formaldehyde emissions. The rest are small changes.

AS/NZS 1859.3:2017 - Reconstituted wood-based panels - Specifications - Decorative overlaid wood panels

This standard is to provide performance requirements and specifications for the manufacture and application of decorative overlaid wood panels. This standard includes four types of decorative overlay, low pressure Melamine (LPM), PVC film, paper foils, and wood veneer, applied to wood panel substrates covered by AS/NZS 1859.1, .2, and .4. They are generally small changes only.

Not updated AS/NZS 1859.4:2004
AS/NZS 1859.4:2004 - Reconstituted wood-based panels - Specifications - Wet-processed fibreboard, has not been updated in this round. The boards it includes are, hardboard, medium board and softboard.

These Standards are used in a number of Masterspec sections, particularly cabinetry, joinery and linings. However, the new Standards have not changed the sections at all, except for a few typo's (sorry for that) which have been corrected.