30 Jun 2020

AS/NZS 2785:2020
This new Standard AS/NZS 2785:2020 - Suspended Ceilings - Design and Installation replaces the old version AS/NZS 2785:2000 of the same name.

Neither the old or new Standard are cited in the NZBC compliance documents, however the new Standard now aligns with the NZBC compliance documents and makes extensive use of the AS/NZS (& NZS) 1170 series of Structural Design Actions. AS/NZS 2785:2020 is the definitive New Zealand guide to suspended ceilings and although not an Acceptable Solution, the new 2020 version is an extremely useful, valid and essential tool for designing and specifying suspended tile and sheet ceilings.

Major changes from the 2000 version include:

  • Design requirements substantially revised, particularly for earthquake and wind design (Section 2)
  • Detailing of ceiling restraints and services interaction (including lights) have been covered (Section 4)
  • Acoustic requirements have been modified (Section 2.6)
  • Testing and verification methods have been upgraded (Section 6)
  • The concepts of - Seismic Grade, Producer Statements, Specific Engineering Design (SED) - have been introduced

Masterspec has started the process of upgrading the numerous suspended ceiling sections.  We hope to work through these with the various manufacturer/suppliers over the next few months.

NZS 4541:2020
This new Standard NZS 4541:2020 - Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems replaces the old version NZS 4541:2013 of the same name.

NZS 4541:2013 is cited in the NZBC compliance documents, C/VM1 (App B) and C/AS2.  At the time of writing NZS 4541:2020 is not cited and is therefore an Alternative Solution.  According to Standards NZ, NZS 4541:2013 will remain a means of compliance until NZS 4541:2020 is cited in the NZBC documents and the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Building Regulations.

Major changes from the 2013 version include:

  • Details for fire protection of Tall Buildings (>25m)
  • Details for fire protection of Large Buildings (>11,000m2)
  • Seismic restraint of pipework now to NZS 1170.5
  • Seismic design of water tanks
  • Inclusion of new technology for car stackers and in-rack warehouse sprinkler systems
The existing Masterspec section 7312 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems is based on NZBC C/AS2 using NZS 4541:2013. The section will continue like this as long as NZS 4541:2013 is deemed a means of compliance. If you want to use the new Standard with the existing 7312 section, it would require the section to be amended and it would be an Alternative Solution.