01 May 2018

Before the days of Masterspec Q&A's (what did we do without them?), to reduce the amount of customisation we used to split up some sections. This happened to Tiling many years ago, it was split into 6211 WALL TILING and 6221 FLOOR TILING, which made sense at the time. However, moving forward to the present day with Q&A's and Branded tiling sections based on common tiling components and accessories (adhesives, grouts etc), using two sections has become less efficient.

This month we are releasing the new and improved combined section 6221 TILING SYSTEMS which replaces the old sections 6211 WALL TILING and 6221 FLOOR TILING, and these have now been deleted. The new combined section will be easier to use if you have both wall and floor tiles, and using the power of the Q&A, it will be just as easy to use if you only want floor or wall tiles. In fact the Q&A has had a major upgrade, considerably decreasing the amount of further manual customisation needed.

Except for specialist wall tiling sections, all general tiling sections will eventually migrate to 6221 and CBI will be adjusted to suit.

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