Why BIM Matters

Masterspec believes that digital information, including 3D Modelling and Building Information Modelling, will provide improved methods of design, construction and communication for the industry.

Masterspec supports open global systems as this will result in improved efficiency and quality.

What is BIM?

BIM is short for Building Information Modelling.


  • Utilises 3D models of buildings to better understand the construction process.
  • Uses objects to represent real building components like walls, floors, doors, windows, roofs.
  • Objects have intelligence rather than being lines on pages like drawings.  A wall knows that it is a wall and what it is made of.
  • Can be used for 3D visualisation, clash detection, specification, accurate costing, project planning, facilities management, and much more.

Why is BIM important for product suppliers?

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What does BIM mean to designers?


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