04 Jun 2024
Building Code Updates 2023-2024
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04 Jun 2024
NZ Building Code Changes: Type 1 Domestic Smoke Alarms
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05 Apr 2024
Understanding Project Scope and How to Specify Window Systems
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04 Apr 2024
MBIE Building Consent System Review - Overview and Update
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30 Nov 2023
NZCIC Guidelines Responsibility Schedule Goes Digital
The new online tool enables real-time collaboration among multiple stakeholders, fostering efficiency and innovation in construction processes.
10 Nov 2023
BCA Requests to Modify Manufacturers Technical Content
mDocs allows the specifier to quickly access the latest version of a document uploaded by the manufacturer or supplier. Importantly, these detailed...
27 Sep 2023
Masterpec Specified: Award Winning Soaring Box House by Turner Road Architecture
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27 Sep 2023
Masterpec Specified: Award Winning Taharoto Lane by X Studio Architects
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13 Sep 2023
Hallmark Group Opens Up About BPIR
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06 Sep 2023
Al Bahr Towers in Abu Dhabi: Kinetic Architecture, Innovation and Sustainability
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05 Sep 2023
Silica - Understanding the Risks
Over recent months, we have had several enquiries from designers in relation to industry concerns with silica-based building products and the...
18 Aug 2023
Masterspec: Your Partner in BPIR Product Review Compliance
The Building Regulation Act 2022 comes into force on 11th December 2023, requiring building product suppliers in New Zealand to provide baseline...
27 Jul 2023
Masterspec Partners with NZCIC & CSA to Digitise the NZCIC Guidelines
Masterspec, has been working with the New Zealand Construction Industry Council (NZCIC) and the Construction Sector Accord (CSA) in an exciting new...
24 Jul 2023
How Specifiers Reduce Risks by using Masterspec's Work Section Support
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24 Jul 2023
Belle View House Waiheke: An Innovative Design Response
The plan is for Belle View House to be situated on a Waiheke Island headland, the Belle View House will be an architectural marvel when completed,...
21 Jul 2023
Streamlined Documentation and Error Prevention with Masterspec
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19 Jul 2023
Introducing New Building Product Information Requirements: Ensuring Compliance and Transparency
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09 Jul 2023
Building Law Reforms 2022
Did you know that the Building Regulations 2022 will introduce new requirements for building products?
06 Jul 2023
Preparing a Specification
The specification is a fundamental part of the documentation set provided for the delivery of a construction project. The Building Act 2004 states...
06 Jul 2023
What is a Specification?
Some of the world's leading national specification bodies met at conference earlier this year. Representatives from twenty influential nations,...

Belle View House Waiheke: An Innovative Design Response

24 Jul 2023

The plan is for Belle View House to be situated on a Waiheke Island headland, the Belle View House will be an architectural marvel when completed, designed and documented with precision using ArchiCAD and Masterspec.

Design Response

Drawing inspiration from the site's sensory attributes, the architectural composition takes on a sculptural form, with roof forms floating above solid retaining walls that terrace the steep hillside. Each level and its associated retaining wall follows the contours, offering captivating views and harmonious connections to the outdoors. Glazing encloses the habitable spaces, protecting from the elements yet still allowing the occupant to commune with the exterior environment. Taking inspiration from the small medieval streets of Italian hillside villages, the outdoor stairway forms a social pedestrian spine that wends between private rooms. Revealing vistas as you traverse the site. The architecture maximises the site's natural topography, capturing breath-taking panoramic views, whilst simultaneously creating shelter from prevailing winds.

Problem-Solving is Much Easier With Masterspec

The project faces its fair share of challenges, with strict District Plan Ridgeline controls, steep contours and extreme winds. Building in an area of extreme high wind zone presents unique set of construction challenges.

Overcoming these obstacles required meticulous planning. This is where Masterspec steps in, providing a toolset that helps achieve streamlined documentation throughout the project.

Pepper Architects maximises the power of Masterspec's maintained specifications platform, complemented by the MasterKey application integrated with ArchiCAD's CI Tools Keynotes function. This combination ensures seamless updates across all drawings, saving valuable time, and providing clarity for sub-contractors.

"The integration of Masterspec with the CAD software goes a long way towards reducing that error rate. I can update a keynote for example and know with confidence that every single keynote across all the documentation is picked up instantaneously. That saves time hunting them all down. That ensures there is no errors tucked away on some sheet that we have forgotten to check or just missed.

This is why Masterspec is our preferred specification software.”

- Michael Pepper, Managing Director of Pepper Architects

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