Getting the most out of Work Section Support

01 Oct 2019

Masterspec’s Work Section Support functionality introduced a new two-way knowledge pathway between Designer and product expert, and has been enthusiastically embraced by many Masterspec users. With almost a year under our belt, the numbers are robust enough to gain some critical insights into those who are using Work Section Support, what they are using it for, and how you can get the most value out of the process.


To get the most out of the system the key is to ask for help, ask early, and supply as much information as you can, especially when requesting a New Section to be written or an existing section Commented on. Research shows by far the higher number of suppliers will answer your inquiry within five days, the majority within one or two. You should be aware that their answer may be a request for more information or to clarify a design detail, so it pays to keep an eye out for the icon within Masterspec that informs you there is an answer to your request.

In other words, check early, and check often. 


Clarity in your request is key - you may not know exactly the detail you need, but you should know what you are trying to achieve and what you require from the Product partner to reach your goal. Supply as much information to the supplier as you can - the less they have to guess about the parameters of the task the finer the granularity of their answer will be. Remember you can upload drawings and documents (in png or jpeg format) to clarify your needs - these can even be a simple sketch of what you are thinking.

Finally, be careful when editing or changing the supplier’s work. It has been written that way for a reason, so check back via Work Section Support if you have any questions. Do not change key supplier performance data or, for example, the length of the Warranty term. Increasing this to 15 years would not be recognised by the supplier and may well invalidate the work section and the specification. Certainly the term would not be enforceable.

You must use your professional judgement to access the content, check its validity, and then decide if you want to include this content as your own. You have full editing rights and the ability to change any of the content from the suppliers after you have imported it into your specification.


By far the most popular subject discussed concerns waterproofing and enclosure, obviously a topic still weighing heavily on the mind of the design and construction community. Product Partners in this area have noted a higher than average request to write the entire work section for this area rather than Edit the Architect’s work. The Top 10 Classes requested have been;

  • Painting, Decorating and Coating
  • Wall Cladding
  • Membrane Roofing
  • Tanking and Pre-Cladding
  • Roofing and Decking
  • Tiling
  • Enclosure Sundries
  • Transport
  • Windows and Doors
  • Flooring Ancillaries

The top four topics accounted for 67.5% of all Support requests made.

Requests to Write the Full Work Section or Edit the Work Section accounted for over half of all requests (86%) on the system. The percentage of requests for Comment on work sections was surprisingly light. This result indicates confidence using the Masterspec system, especially the pre-written product work sections and the guidance notes contained therein. It should be noted that Product Partners we have spoken to have indicated that they are happy to answer any request and discuss any point of their product system, not just any problematic issues that might arise.

To find out more about Work Section Support and how to initiate an inquiry go to this link.