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These instructions relate to using Masterspec Link with the Masterspec Standard, Structural & Civil, Services, Landscapes, Basic and Interiors Libraries. Link operates slightly differently with Masterspec Minor Residential - seperate instructions are at the bottom of the navigation.

Prompts for customising content - guidance notes and tildes

Essential to editing and customising is to read and respond to the guidance notes included in Masterspec. The guidance notes, amongst other things, provide hints on where to find related information and on whether a clause should be retained or deleted. Guidance notes may also offer the specifier a range of alternative selections.

To see the guidance notes select Show/Hide Guidance Notes on the Masterspec menu. They are green and appear as follows:


Although visible on screen the guidance notes will not print – this is a default in Word. We recommend that guidance notes be visible for the duration of the editing and customising phase; both for the technical assistance they provide and for accurate formatting. In addition to the guidance notes a special character, ~ (tilde), is used as a prompt for the specifier to add further information.

If you do not wish to add information, the whole line of text containing the tilde must be removed, in keeping with good specification practice.



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