17 Mar 2020

With the challenges facing everyone in the coming months it’s still likely to remain busy for many Masterspec users. We’d like to remind you of some of the features of Masterspec than allow you to work anywhere, at any time, to safely meet client’s expectations.

Remote Access Masterspec is a fully cloud-based system – a working internet connection is all you need for access.
Create your account and login

Access to Office Masters Working remotely, you have full access to practice Office Masters and can clone all or part of any existing specifications as well. All updates will still be published monthly and notified in projects.
Create and use Office Masters

Work Section Support Available in Branded work sections, the Work Section Support function gives you direct access to product manufacturers and suppliers. Depending on the level of support offered, you can get more information and documentation, ask them to comment on or edit your work section, even request they completely replace your section with a new one.
Using Work Section Support

Working in Teams Teams Share a specification across a nominated group of users, either from within your practice or working on the project – as long as they have a Masterspec account, you can add them to your Team.
Working with Teams

Miproducts Database With almost 7,200 products and systems available to access from Masterspec, you can save and share favourites and safely source documentation and downloads. 
Log in to miproducts

MasterKey Keynotes Using MasterKey, you can link your specification Selections to generate Keynotes within the drawing set, no matter where the drawings are created.
Using MasterKey

Above all, we are committed to maintaining our service and helping you wherever we can. All staff are working safely from home, and we have the systems in place to ensure all specifications are regularly backed up across multiple cloud-based servers. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at

Finally, we’d like to wish you all well and look forward to safely working with you in the coming months to meet and overcome the challenges ahead.