Remove User Privileges, Delete User

To maintain the security of your system you can remove a user's individual privileges or block any user from connecting with the Masterspec Practice subscription.

This is particularly useful when you have assigned different staff roles, have contractors who have finished a project or staff members who have left the business.

To remove any privileges from a user, go to the Assign Added Privileges window on your Organisation Staff page and select the Tab of the function you wish to remove, in this case, Office Masters.


Select the name of the staff member you no longer wish to have that privilege, select DELETE.

The system will ask you if you are sure. Press OK.

The staff member will be removed from that privilege list and will no longer be able to manage the Office Masters of the practice.

They will still see the Office Masters list in Masterspec and be able to copy or clone Masterspec and work sections, but will not be able to edit existing or create new Office Masters.


If you wish to permanently remove the user from the system i.e. they will not be working for the practice again, it is best to first remove their name from the staff list.

Select their name, the system will ask you to confirm. Select OK and the user will be removed from the practice list. This will also remove them from all Added Privileges at the same time.


To block a User, on the Organisation Staff page go to the Block Users panel. Enter the full email address of the user - this must be the email address they sign into their personal Masterspec account with.

Note if the user has a practice email address i.e. this will not affect the ability for others using the practice domain address - only this user will be blocked.

Select ADD and the User will be blocked from the practice subscription. If at any time you wish to grant access again select the name from the record list and select Delete. You may then re-connect the user as if they were a new connection. See Add Staff.